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Fractions are not integers. They may or may not be rational numbers.

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Fractions and integers are rational.

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Are all rational numbers integers-?

Rational numbers are integers and fractions

What are Rational numbers that are not integers?

They are rational fractions.

Are all rational numbers fractions?

No. All integers are also rational and they are not fractions.

Why aren't rational numbers called integers?

because not all rational numbers are integers, recurring numbers, numbers to 1 decimal place and fractions are rational as well but all integers are rational

Are fractions irational numbers?

No, because all fractions are rational numbers

How do rational number differ from integers?

Rational numbers include integers, but they also include fractions.

Are all negative rational numbers integers?

No, negative fractions are not integers.

Integers are rational numbers?

Integers are whole numbers. Rational numbers can be fractions / decimals. But it is NEVER a whole number E.G. of rational numbers : 3/4 or 1.5

Why are integers rational numbers?

They can be written as finite fractions.

What do integers and fractions have in common?

They are both rational numbers

Are rational numbers an integer?

yes integers,wholenumbers, naturalnumbers, fractions are rational numbers and they are real

How are integers and rational numbers different?

All integers are rational numbers, not all rational numbers are integers. Rational numbers can be expressed as fractions, p/q, where q is not equal to zero. For integers the denominator is 1. 5 is an integer, 2/3 is a fraction, both are rational.

How are the integers and rational number different?

Integers or whole numbers are rational numbers because they can be expressed as fractions as for example 6 as a fraction is 6/1 but irrational numbers can't be expressed as fractions.

Is every rational number an integer?

No. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as fractions, while integers are numbers without decimal places. Rational numbers include, but are not limited to, integers. For instance, 1.7 is rational but it's not an integer.

How are all integers and whole numbers are rational numbers?

Because they can be expressed as fractions albeit improper fractions

Why aren't all negative numbers integers?

because fractions can be negative also. fractions aren't integers. ... All integers (positive And negative) are rational numbers (not irrational).

What is the types of rational number and irrational numbers?

All rational numbers including integers can be be expressed as fractions whereas irrational numbers can't be converted into fractions

What are numbers that can be expressed as a fraction?

Numbers that can be expressed as fractions consisting of two integers are rational numbers. sqrt(2)/3 or pi/4 are fractions but they are not rational.

Why are rational numbers sometimes integers?

Because integers can be written as fractions. Any number that can be written as a fraction is a rational number.

Are negative fractions rational numbers?

Yes. Fractions whose numerators and denominators are integers are rational numbers. Being negative does not change it into an irrational number.

Is all fractions are rational numbers?

Not necessarily; pi / 2 is a fraction, but not a rational number. All fractions where both the numerator and denominator are integers are rational numbers, though.

How are integers and rational numbers the same?

Because both can be expressed as fractions

What set of numbers can be expressed as fractions decimals that repeat terminate or integers?

Rational numbers.

Why is negative 9 a rational number?

Because it is an integer and all integers and fractions are rational numbers

Are negative numbers rational numbers?

All negative integers can be expressed as improper or vulgar fractions just as positive numbers can, and therefore, all negative integers are also rational numbers.

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