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No because box and whisker plots are related to cumulative frequency curves

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Q: Are line graphs the same as box and whisker plots?
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Are line plots and line graphs the same thing?


How are line plots and line graphs the same?

They are different names for the same thing!

How are line graphs and line plots alike?

you have to do sex -- God I hate people ^ anyway. a Line plot is like a regular graph format just using Xs to count as each number and a line graph Is almost the same just using lines

Are a line graph and bar graph the same?

No! Bar and line graphs are different bar graphs show bars and line graph shows lines.

How are line bar and pie graphs the same?

They both show a set of data. Line graphs show data over time. Pie graphs show percentages in data.

Why can bar graphs be converted to line graphs?

They can both show the same data. You can use quantitative or categorical data with both of them.

What is are the differences between circle graphs line graphs and bar graphs?

Circle graphs show data in a circle, while line graphs are akin to join the dots, and a bar graph shows data in vertical or horizontal bars, but all three show the same data results.

Who uses box and whisker plots?

More people in different professions are finding use for box and whiskers plots. It can be used very effectively in time series analysis, which may include engineers, economists, earth scientists, statistician, social sciences and medicine, to name a few professions. Stock market analysis using the open, hi, low & close format as used in Excel is not really the same, but it does show the range of the values for a stock, and relavent values. Excel (by Microsoft) does not have box and whisker plots, but there are many companies selling add in programs to make these plots. I use the Matlab program, which has the capabilities to make box and whisker plots. See related links.

How do you use a box and whisker plot?

Box and whisker plots are used to give a visual indication of where quartiles and highest/lowest values fall, so they're useful for visually comparing various sets of data. The "whisker" on the left extends to the lowest value in the data range (the left-most point). The first edge of the "box" indicates the lower quartile, the middle line in the box represents the median quartile, and the upper edge of the box represents the 3rd quartile. The "whisker" on the right extends to the highest value in the data set. Clearly when using many box and whisker plots, and comparing them to each other, it helps greatly if you use the same scale on each plot. Sometimes it may be decided that your lowest/highest data values are "outliers" (anomalous results), in which case they are still included in the box and whisker plot, but they should be demarcated by a hollow circle wherever the outlier is deemed to be.

Does in linear graphs the slope of the line change with the x-coordinate?

No. A linear graph has the same slope anywhere.

Is a line graph the same as a trend graph?

No. Generally speaking, a trend graph has time on the horizontal axis. That is not always the case with line graphs.

How are bar graphs and circle graphs the same?

They both progression up or down

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