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If it is not straight, then it is not a line.

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Q: Are line segments only straight or can they be curved?
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Does a polygon have sides that are line segments true or false?

False. They can only be straight line segments: there cannot be any curved line segments.

How do you explain why a circle is not a polygon?

A circle is composed by an infinite sequence of straight line segments, while a polygon has a finite sequence of straight line segments.

What polygon has a long curved line?

A polygon is made up only of line segments. If a 2-dimensional closed figure has even one curve line, then it is not a polygon.

Which term best describes a figure formed by three segments connecting three noncollinear points?

A triangle, but only if the line segments are straight.

What is a plane figure formed by 4 segments called side?

It is called a polygon. * * * * * Yes, but only if they are straight line segments. And, in that case, the shape is a quadrilateral.

Could the segments 9 8 17 form a triangle?

No, they could only form a straight line.

Is a 'U' a polygon?

No, the "U" shape is not a polygon. Polygons are closed figures made up only of line segments. The "U" shape includes a curved section, and is usually not a closed figure.

Why do most states have boundaries that are not straight line segments?

Because they cannot form a tessellation. Tessellations can only be formed by regular polygons.

What is formed by three line segments that intersect only at their end point?

what of a triangle has three line segments that intersect only at their endpoints

What is definition of line in math?

a straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth.

How many sides does a semi-circle have?

Two: a straight line and a curved line.

Do line segments have corners?

No, line segments only have a start and a stopping point, as they are a small chunk taken out of an infinitely continuing line.

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