Are mg less than kg

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The unit is the g (gram) and the m (milli-) and k (kilo-) are prefixes in the metric system.

The milli- (m) prefix means one thousandth (1/1000 or 0.001)

The kilo- (k) prefix means one thousand (1000)

One thousandth is less than one thousand → 1 mg is less than 1 kg


The commonly used metric prefixes (in decreasing size) are:


___M______mega-_____10⁶ = 1,000,000______a million

___k_______kilo-________10³ = 1,000__________a thousand

___h_______hecto-_____10² = 100____________a hundred

___da______deka-______10¹ = 10______________ten

___d_______deci-_______10⁻¹ = 0.1___________a tenth

___c_______centi-______10⁻² = 0.01__________a hundredth

___m______milli-_______10⁻³ = 0.001_________a thousandth

___µ_______micro-_____10⁻⁶ = 0.000 001____a millionth

The value is used to multiply the base unit.

  • For mass the base unit is the gram (g)
  • For length the base unit is the metre (m)
  • For volume the base unit is the litre (l)
so mg is 0.001 g

and kg is 1,000 g

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Q: Are mg less than kg
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