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Yes, although minnesingers are from Germany and troubadours are from France

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Q: Are minnesingers and troubadours the same?
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Is minnesinger same as troubador?

Yes but but minnesingers originate in Germany whereas troubadours originate in France.

What are some good questions to ask for a research paper on medieval minstrels and troubadours and jongleurs and minnesingers and and trouveres?

How were troubadours important for the development of music in the middle ages How did jongleurs support troubadours What were the differences between troubadours, trouveres, and minnesingers as a result of location

Medieval key leaders of song?

Troubadours in southern France, trouveres in northern France, minnesingers in Germany.

What is similar to the troubadours?

Minnesingers were similar to troubadours, being poet-musicians in medieval Europe who composed and performed songs about courtly love. They were popular in German-speaking regions from the 12th to 14th centuries and shared a focus on themes of chivalry and romance with troubadours.

When was The Troubadours created?

The Troubadours was created in 2004.

What instrament did minstrels play?

In the Middle Ages, minstrels, jongleurs, troubadours, and minnesingers were all musicians. For the most part they travelled, so they did not use heavy instruments, such as organs. They used harps, lutes, lyres, fiddles (including bowed lyres), flutes, flageolets, pipes, bagpipes, drums, and so on.

When was Strung-Out Troubadours created?

Strung-Out Troubadours was created in 2006.

Jongleurs and troubadours performed?

Jongleurs and troubadours performed music and sang.

When was Troubadours of Folk created?

Troubadours of Folk was created on 1992-04-21.

What did troubadours do?

Troubadours composed lyrics about the fights and deeds of a particular ruling family.

Who were the minnesingers?

noble, travelling poet-composers from Germany

Where can one find some information about troubadours?

A person can expect to find information about troubadours by paying a visit to the local library and then locating books that give information about troubadours.