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It depends. Some authors consider "Whole Numbers" to be the positive integers, some consider them to be the non-negative integers, and some consider them to be all integers.

For the first two definitions, numbers like -3 would not be considered "whole numbers".

With the last definition, negative numbers like -3 would be considered a "whole number".

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Q: Are negative integers considered whole numbers?
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Is it true that there are no integers that are whole numbers?

No, integers are positive and negative whole numbers

Whole numbers and their corresponding negative numbers are?


Are integers negative numbers?

Integers can be negative or positive numbers providing that they are whole numbers without decimals or fractions.

What characteristic can integers have that whole numbers cannot?

Integers can be negative.

What is Positive whole numbers negative whole numbers and zero?


Are negative numbers whole numbers Please tell?

No, whole numbers are defined as non-negative integers.

Are integers the set of positive numbers and negative whole numbers and 0?

Actually the set of integers is the same as the set of whole numbers since the whole numbers include negative whole numbers and zero.

Is decimal numbers considered integers?

No, because integers are whole numbers

Which numbers are whole but not natural?

Negative integers.

Is 0.2 an integer?

No, integers are either positive or negative whole numbers.

Are negative one fourth and negative two fifth integers?

No; integers are whole numbers.

Are negative decimals integers?

Only whole numbers are integers, whether negative or positive.

Is all whole numbers natural?

No. Negative integers are whole numbers but not natural.

Is negative 3.05 a integers?

No because integers are only whole numbers

Do whole numbers and intgers have no numbers in common?

Whole numbers are positive numbers from zero to infinity. Integers are both positive and negative numbers. So whole numbers and integers have positive numbers in common, but only integers have negative numbers. Both have zero, and both have no fractions.

How many integers are there?

an infinite number. integers are all whole numbers, negative numbers and positive numbers.

What are postive and negative whole numbers and zero?


What are 8 integers that are not whole numbers?

They would be the negative numbers since whole numbers include 0 and positive numbers but not negative numbers unlike the integer group. So simply think of 8 integers that are negative.

Are whole numbers always a counting numbers?

No. 0 and negative integers are whole numbers but they are not counting numbers.

What are whole numbers?

That can refer either to integers, or only to non-negative integers - basically, the counting numbers. (Integers includes negative numbers.) Since "whole numbers" has this ambiguity, it's best to avoid this term. The following is the answer.

What numbers are included in integers but not in whole numbers?

There is no single commonly accepted definition for "whole numbers". Depending on the definition used, zero, as well as negative integers (like -1, -2, etc.) may, or may not, be considered part of the "whole numbers".

What is negetive integers?

Negative integers are whole numbers less than 0

Is the whole number closed under subtraction?

If you interpret "whole numbers" as "integers", then yes. If you interpret "whole numbers" as "non-negative integers", then no.

What are whole numbers and their opposites called?

Whole numbers are called integers. There are positive integers, for example, 3, and its opposite, a negative integer, -3.

What is the group of numbers consisting of all positive whole numbers negative whole numbers and zero?