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'0.333333 ...' (non-terminating) is sometimes used for '1/3' .

'0.25' (terminating) is used for '1/4' .

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Q: Are non-terminating decimals are always never or sometimes used for rational numbers?
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Are all nonterminating decimals irrational numbers?

Not at all. 0.33333... nonterminating = 1/3 rational 0.66666... nonterminating = 2/3 rational 0.1428571428... nonterminating = 1/7 rational 0.55555... nonterminating = 5/9 rational

Are reapeating decimals sometimes rational numbers?

Repeating decimals are ALWAYS rational numbers.

Are terminating decimals always nether or sometimes a rational numbers?

They are always rational numbers.

Is repeating decimals are sometimes rational numbers rationals?


What are terminating and non terminating numbers in rational numbers?

Terminating numbers are decimal representations of rational numbers. Nonterminating numbers may or may not be rational numbers.

Are repeating decimals sometimes always or never rational numbers?


Are terminating decimals always rational numbers?

Yes, terminating decimals are always rational numbers.

Are rational numbers non-terminating decimals?

No. Rational numbers are either terminating decimals or non-terminating BUT recurrent decimals.

Is a rational number a repeating decimal?

All repeating decimals are rational numbers. Not all rational numbers are repeating decimals.

Positive or negative decimals that are nonterminating and nonrepeating or have a pattern in their digits but do not repeat exactly are?

Irrational numbers.

Are recurring decimals considered irrational numbers?

No. Recurring decimals are rational numbers.

Are repeating decimals rational?

Yes. Rational numbers are numbers or decimals that repeat or terminate. Irrational numbers do not. For example π is an irrational number.

How is multiplying rational numbers like multiplying fractions and multiplying decimals?

Fractions and decimals are usually rational numbers. Besides, multiplying rational and irrational numbers is also similar.

Are terminating and repeating decimals irrational numbers?

Terminating and repeating decimals are rational numbers.

Are all terminating and decimals rational numbers?

All terminating decimal numbers are rational.

Will repeating decimals always or never be rational numbers?

They will always be rational numbers.

Are repeating decimals rational numbers?


Why are terminating decimals rational numbers?

they always are.

What can rational numbers be expressed as?

fractions or decimals

Does rational numbers include decimals?


Are decimals irrational or rational numbers?

They can be both

When do you use decimals versus the fraction form of rational numbers?

All rational numbers can be converted from decimals to fractions as for example 0.75 = 3/4 but irrational numbers can not be converted from decimals to fractions.

Are decimal numbers rational numbers?

Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction. Decimals are usually rational.

Are decimals whole numbers or rational numbers?

Rational numbers. Whole numbers are numbers such as 1, 10, 25, etc.

Are repeating decimals rational or irrational numbers?

Repeating decimals are rational numbers if there is a pattern, like 0.22222222. If it is not a pattern, like 0.568964329, it is an irrational number.