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yes integers are all numbers negative and positive

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Q: Are positive and negative numbers integers?
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The set of numbers consisting of the positive numbers the negative numbers and zero?

The set of numbers that consists of the positive numbers, the negative numbers, and zero are integers. There are no fractions in integers.

Is it true that there are no integers that are whole numbers?

No, integers are positive and negative whole numbers

Is the product of 4 negative integers positive or negative?

Positive. The product of even numbers of negative integers is always positive, whereas the product of odd nummbers of negative integers is always negative.

How is adding positive and negative numbers similar to adding integers?

It is the same thing, since "integers" consists of positive and negative numbers (and zero).

If there is one positive and two negative numbers in multiplying integers is the answer a positive or a negative?


Are negative decimals integers?

Only whole numbers are integers, whether negative or positive.

What are positive and negative numbers called?


Do whole numbers and intgers have no numbers in common?

Whole numbers are positive numbers from zero to infinity. Integers are both positive and negative numbers. So whole numbers and integers have positive numbers in common, but only integers have negative numbers. Both have zero, and both have no fractions.

Positive and negative whole numbers and zero?

Positive and negative whole numbers and zero are integers. Zero is neither negative or positive.

What are the parts of an integer?

There are 2 parts of integers Positive Integers and Negative Integers. 1:Positive Integers numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,................and onwards. 2:Negative Integers numbers are -1,-2,-3,-4,-5.........................and onwards.

What set of real numbers includes positive integers but not negative or zero?

The set of Counting Numbers or Natural Numbersincludes positive integers but not negative integers or zero.The set is 1,2,3,4,5,6....and so on.

How many integers are there?

an infinite number. integers are all whole numbers, negative numbers and positive numbers.