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Yes, 100 is 200 more than -100. E.g 2 . 2 is 3 more than -1. I hope this helps you understand this better.

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Q: Are positive numbers larger than negative numbers?
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Are negative numbers bigger or positive?

Positive numbers are larger than negative ones.

Why is it not possible for a negative number to be larger than a positive number?

because numbers on the are bigger than the numbers on the left in number line

Is the sum of a positive number and a negative number always negative?

no- it depends on the absolute values of the numbers. The sum is negative only if the absolute value ( the value without the sign) is larger than the positive number. example -98 + 100 is positive because 100 is larger than 98. -100 + 98 is negative because 100 is larger than 98.

Is -4 bigger then 3?

No, 3 is bigger than -4 because -4 is below zero and therefore a negative number. 3 is a positive number and is above zero. All positive numbers are larger than negative numbers.

Can positive and negative make a negative?

Yes, if you are adding 2 numbers together and the value of the negative number is larger than the value of the positive number. Yes, if you are multiplying a positive and a negative number together. Yes, if you are dividing a positive and a negative number by each other.

Is positive 13 greater than or less than negative 51?

Greater than. Positive numbers are greater than negative numbers.

Are negative numbers bigger than positive numbers?

no negative numbers are always smaller than positive numbers..... you can draw out a numberline and see any number to the left of the number zero is negative and to the right is positive

Is positive 8 greater than negative 17?

All positive numbers are greater than all negative numbers.

How do you know if its a negative or a positive number?

negative numbers are numbers less than zero. negative numbers have a negative sign in front of them EX: -9 negative nine positive numbers are anything more than zero. EX: 9 positive nine

Is decimal number greater than a negative number?

Positive numbers are greater than negative numbers. Decimals can be either positive or negative.

In order from greatest to least which will go first 7 or -5?


Is a negative integer bigger then a positive integer?

no, all negative numbers are smaller than positive numbers