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Q: Are real numbers negative and positive numbers?
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Is a real number positive negative or zero?

Real numbers are all positive numbers except zero.

Is a negative fraction a real number?

Yes. Real numbers include positive and negative numbers, integers and fractions, rational and irrational numbers.

What is a number that can be written as a quotient of 2 positive or negative numbers?

Any positive number can be written as a quotient of two positive numbers or a quotient of two negative numbers. Any real number can be written as the quotient of two real numbers.

Is the product of two negative numbers always a real negative number?

No, the product of two negative numbers is always a positive.

What are positive and negative numbers called?

Positive numbers are greater than zero and negative numbers are less than zero. They are both collectively referred to as real numbers.

Why is square root of the number -9 not a real number?

For the same reason that the square root of ANY negative number is not a real number.Real numbers are positive, negative, or zero. * The square of a positive number is a positive number. * The square of a negative number is a positive number. * The square of zero is zero. In other words, in no case will you get a REAL number whose square is a negative number. The square roots of negative numbers are said to be "imaginary" - a name given for historical reasons. They are just as "real" or "unreal" as the so-called real numbers, but the point is that they are a different kind of numbers.

Are all rational numbers positive?

Not at all. The class of "natural" numbers are all positive, but the classes of "real" numbers and "rational" numbers include negative numbers.

When does two negatives make a positive?

When two negative real numbers are multiplied together, the product is a positive real number.

What are differences between natural numbers and real numbers?

Natural numbers extend from 1 to positive infinity.Real numbers are all numbers between negative infinity and positive infinity.ALL natural numbers are real numbers, but NOT ALLreal numbers are natural numbers.

What is the relationship between neggative positive and positive negative?

Negative number and positive numbers are all numbers. Negative numbers are just positive numbers multiplied by -1.

Can a real number be negative?

Yes, real numbers include both positive and negative numbers. They also include whole numbers and fractional numbers, as well as irrational numbers (numbers that can't be expressed as the ratio of two whole numbers).

What is known as a set of positive and negative numbers called?

The set of non-zero real numbers.