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i think its not commutative.

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Q: Are the actions of washing laundry and drying it commutative?
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What condition will speed up the drying of washing?

Speed your laundry drying time with- Wind Higher temperature Lower humidity Spacing out the laundry Placing the laundry to give the max surface area for evapouration to take place

How do you clean a basketball shooting sleeve?

You put in it in the laundry basket then in the washing machine the in the drying machine and your done!

What is laundry attendant?

A Laundry Attendant is the person responsible for washing, drying and ironing dirty clothing and linen belonging to customers. A Laundry Attendant may work in a launderette, dry cleaners, hospital or hotel.

When you hang washing in room and shut door what happens?

The wet laundry raises the humidity of the room as the water evaporates from the drying clothing.

Laundry Service?

form_title=Hire a Laundry Service form_header=Take the chores of sorting, washing, drying and ironing your clothes out of your hands by hiring a laundry service. How often do you need our services?=_ Describe your laundry service needs?=_ Do you need pick up and drop off services?= () Yes () No

Does top load washing machine dries clothes completely?

A washing machine washes laundry and usually spins them to a damp state it does not dry clothes. You need to hang them on a line to air dry or use a drying machine.

Does doing laundry include drying the clothes?


Does washing and blow drying hair daily prevent lice?

It depends when your washing your hair that you use conditioner but blow drying does not sorry.

Why do you get dandruff after washing your hair?

not drying it well

How you determine if the clothes can be laundered or not?

by washing or drying

What kind of items would be best to use for laundry room organization?

To organize a laundry room, you can use a hamper for dirty clothes, a drying rack for air-drying, and a shelf to hold the laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

Jobs that were done in the olden days?

They did the washing and drying

Is the drying of wet laundry a chemical reaction?

No, it is a physical process - water evaporation.

What conditions would be best for drying washing and why?

The best conditions for drying and washing are sunny and windy. The reason why is so that the sun will warm up the wet items and the wind can blow them dry.

What are finishing Equipments in Laundry?

Some finishing equipment are:iron,dryer,and drying board

What is generally the best washing machine?

Personally, we have a top load Maytag and love it. It is a HE and spins the clothes out great and then there is less drying time. This machine works great. We could not have anything else due to positioning in laundry room.

Does felt fall apart in the washing machine?

Felt made of acrylic fibers WILL fall apart when washed by machine. Felt made of wool is actually CREATED by machine washing and drying woven wool fabric. I haven't any experience washing felt made of polyester. Why don't your throw a small piece in with a load of like-colored laundry and test it yourself?

How do you prevent your jeans from tightening or temporarily shrinking after washing and drying?

Such is the nature of cotton.

Name 2 conditions that speed up the drying of washing?

heat and air

What are the example of physical change in environment?

Snow melting, laundry drying, movement of a tree in the wind

Can you wash neff hats?

Yes, but it is not recommended. But if its your only option you can try hand washing or washing it on delicate and hang drying AT YOUR OWN RISK..

Is drying the washing reversible?

Sure. Just chuck it ion the water and it'll get wet again.

How do you look after cotton eg washing and ironing?

you can look after cotton by ironing washing drying in the tumble bryer. and another way you can look after cotton is by keeping it clean

What is a Wringer?

A wringer is a device for drying laundry, consisting of two rollers between which the wet laundry is squeezed.

What laundry product will help to start breaking down dog hair?

Really, it is a question of removing the hair from the object you are washing. I have cats, and I usually run the bedspread through the fluff cycle with a bounce sheet weekly and it does well. When washing the item, I would do a pre-rinse, and then a wash with Downy or other fabric softener. Be sure to empty the dryer filter before drying.