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The angle bisectors of a regular polygon are always concurrent. And the point that they meet at is also the meeting point of the perpendicular bisectors of the sides. If it is a polygon with an odd nmber of sides, the "medians" [line from vertex to mid-point of opposite side] and "altitudes" [perpendicular from vertex to opposite side] will also meet at the same point.

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Q: Are the angle bisectors of a regular polygon sometimes concurrent?
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How can you find the center of a regular polygon?

You can find the intersection of the angle bisectors or the intersection of the perpendicular bisectors of each side.

The point that is equidistant from all vertices of the regular polygon?

The centroid or centre of gravity. It will also be the point where the bisectors of the angles, and the perpendicular bisectors of the sides meet.

What are the lines of symmetry on a regular polygon triangle?

A regular polygon triangle is an equilateral triangle. It has three lines of symmetry: a line passing through each vertex and the mid-point of the opposite side. These are the three medians or altitudes or perpendicular bisectors or angle bisectors of the triangle - they are all the same lines.

Why is a rectangle sometimes a regular polygon?

it is not a line segment

Is a pentagon a regular polygon sometimes always or never?

All polygons can be irregular sense the requirements for a polygon to be irregular is for 1 or more sides to be unequal to the others. So a pentagon is sometimes a regular polygon. Hope that answers your question.

If the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon is 140 how many sides does the polygon have?

If the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon is 140o, the polygon is a nonagon (sometimes called an ennagon) having 9 sides.

Is a hexagon a regular polygon or not a regular polygon?

A 6 sided hexagon polygon can be regular or irregular.

Are uniform tessellation semi-regular?

Sometimes. By definition, a semi-regular tessellation must include more than one type of regular polygon. Some uniform tessellations use more than one type of regular polygon, but many uniform tessellations use only a single regular polygon. Therefore the statement is only sometimes true.

Is a parallelogram a regular polygon?

sometimes, a square is a parallelogram and it has all equal sides

What is A polygon that is not regular?

its a not regular polygon

What is a polygon that has all congruent sides and all congruent angles?

a "regular" one

What is a regular polygon vs a not regular polygon?

A regular polygon is a polygon whose sides are equal length and whose angles are all the same value. A non regular polygon is just the opposite of a regular polygon.