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No there are different angle such as right angles, obtuse angles, and acute angles.

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Q: Are the angles of a pentagon all the same?
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Is a house-shaped pentagon a regular pentagon?

No. A regular polygon has all sides the same length and all angles the same size. A regular pentagon has 5 angles each 108 degrees. A house-shaped pentagon does not have all angles the same size, so therefore it cannot be regular.

What has 5 angles and five sides that do not all measure the same?

A shape with five angles and five sides that do not all measure the same is an irregular pentagon. A regular pentagon has all five sides and angles the same size.

What shape has 5 sides no angles same and no sides same?

It is a pentagon. It is irregular, but an irregular pentagon can have all sides the same or all angles the same - so irregularity is not enough. There is no special name.

What is a polygon with 5 sides all angles the same?

a pentagon

Polygon all angles same measure your 5 sides has same meassure what are you?


Pentagon with 3 right angles?

A pentagon with 3 right angles is considered to be an irregular pentagon because not all angles and all sides are equal.

Why isn't a pentagon a regular shape?

Regular just means all the angles are the same size. A pentagon can be regular but it need not be.

Is a pentagon a regular shape?

yes because all the sides and angles are all the same length

You are a polygon. All of your angles have the same measure. Each of your 5 sides has the same measure. What are you?

A regular pentagon.

What are the attributes of a pentagon?

1) A regular pentagon has 5 sides 2) A regular pentagon has sides that are all the same lenghth 3) A regular pentagon has 5 lines of symmetry 4) A regular pentagon has all obtuse angles

A pentagon with all sides congrent?

is a regular pentagon if all its angles are congruent and is a general pentagon if they are not.

Are all the interior angles of a pentagon equal?

Only if it is a regular pentagon. The pentagon is in the shape of an equal legged pentagon, but, due to human error, the pentagon's interior angles may not all be exactly equal.