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No its a obtuse line there are no acute lines in it

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Q: Are there any acute angles in an obtuse angle?
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Is the angles on a hexagon acute right angle or obtuse?

An angle in a hexagon can have any value at all. It can be acute, a right angle, an obtuse angle or even a reflex angle.

What describes the angles of a rectangle?

the vertices if there are any if not it is not a angle. don't forget about the angles such as a right angles,acute angles,or obtuse angle

How are acute and obtuse angles different?

Acute angles are angles that are less than 90 degrees. Obtuse angles are angles that are more then 90 degrees and less then 180 degrees Any angle that is 90 degrees is a right angle. == == == ==

If two angles are acute then the third angle is what?

obtuse Actually it could be acute, right, and/or obtuse.. if that makes sense..

Is a obtuse higher than a acute or a right angle?

Acute angles are any angle below 90 degrees, A right angle is 90 degrees, and an obtuse angle is anything above 90 degrees.

Can a trapezoid have one obtuse angle?

Trapezoids ALWAYS have at least one obtuse angle (if they have two right angles, then there will only be one obtuse angle), usually two (in any other circumstance, they will have two obtuse and two acute angles).

Is a 90 degree angle a obtuse or acute?

A 90 degree angle is neither obtuse or acute. It is its own seperate entity. 90 degree angles are called right angles. Any angle smaller than 90 degrees is an acute angle, while any angle bigger than 90 degrees is an obtuse angle. Note: 180 degrees is a straight line, and 360 degrees is a circle.

Do triangles have any obtuse angles?

Yes a triangle can have 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles. The 3 interior angles of any triangle add up to 180 degrees.

Is a triangle a Acute Angle Obtuse Angle Right Angle?

A triangle is not an angle. A triangle is made of three angles. -- All three of them can be acute, but they don't need to be. -- One of them can be obtuse but doesn't need to be. -- One of them can be a right angle but doesn't need to be. -- If any angle in the triangle is right or obtuse, then the other two need to be acute.

What triangle has at least one obtuse angle?

-- If a triangle has an obtuse angle in it, then it's called an obtuse triangle. -- No triangle can have more than one obtuse angle in it . -- Right triangles, acute triangles, and equilateral triangles don't have any obtuse angles in them.

What is a parallelogram that has at least one obtuse angle?

Any parallelogram that is not a rectangle or a square must have two obtuse angles (and two acute ones).


Yes it has 2 obtuse angles and 3 acute angles

Can a rectangle have more than one obtuse angle?

A rectangle cannot have any obtuse angles; it contains only right angles. Parallelograms can have two, provided that the others are acute.

What is acute angels?

acute angles are smaller versions of obtuse angles got it? These are angles that greater than 0 degrees and less than 90 degrees. An angle that is 90 degrees is called a "right angle". Any angle that is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees is called an "obtuse angle". Any angle that is 180 degrees is called a "straight angle"

How do you draw an acute angle labeled with the letters abandc?

The letter V is an acute angle. Draw it large and label the point with a 'b' and the tips of the arms 'a' and 'c'. Any angle smaller than 90 degrees is acute. The letter L has a 90 degree (right) angle. The letter M has 3 acute angles. Angles greater than 90 degrees are obtuse. The letter X is usually written with two acute angles and two obtuse angles.

Is 170 an obtuse angle?

Yes. Any angle above 90° is an obtuse angle, while any angle below 90° is an acute angle.

Why does a triangle have at least 2 acute angles?

It is impossible for a triangle to have one or no acute angles because all three angles must add up to 180 degrees. If only one angle was acute, the other two angles would be required to be obtuse or right angles, and any combination of these other two angles would add up to 180 degrees or higher (minimum two right angles). For this reason, it is possible to only have one obtuse angle or one right angle in any triangle, making the other two angles acute by definition.

What is a sliding bavel?

A sliding bevel is a woodworking tool for duplicating unusual angles. It can be adjusted for any acute or obtuse angle.

Are corners and angles the same thing?

Corners are right (90 degree) angles. Any other degree, (an acute or obtuse angle), is not considered a corner. :)

Do some triangle have two obtuse angle and 1 acute angle?

No because any triangle must have a total of 180 degrees when the angles are added together and with 2 obtuse angles the sum would be greater than 180. A triangle can only ever have one obtuse angle.

Does a cylinder have any obtuse angles?

NOPE!! a cylinder has no obtuse angles nor acute or right

Does obtuse triangle have any angles congruent?

An obtuse triangle must have two acute angles and these can be congruent.

Does a quadrilateral have 3 obtuse angles?

For any quadrilateral (i.e. 4-sided figure), the angles will add up to 360 degrees. Since an obtuse angle is any angle with a measurement over 90 degrees, it is possible to have a quadrilateral with 3 obtuse angles. The fourth angle, however, must be acute (i.e. smaller than 90 degrees). Having 3 obtuse angles is not a requirement, however, for a quadrilateral.

How many acute angles are in an obtuse angle?

The definition of an obtuse angle is an angle great than 90 degrees and less than 180 degree (there cannot be any angle in a triangle larger than 180 degrees). The definition of an acute angle is an angle greater than 0 degrees (an angle cannot measure negative or 0 degrees) and less than 90 degrees. By definition you could have an infinite number of acute angles in a given obtuse angle as an acute angle could be infinitely small as long as it is greater than 0

What angle is 65 45 70?

These are all acute angles. Any angle less than 90 degrees is an acute angle, and any angle greater than 90 degrees is an obtuse angle. 90 degree angles are called right angles. 180 degrees is considered a straight line, and 360 degrees is considered a circle.