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Q: Are there any first moves where your opponent would get the same score as you?
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What is the highest word slinger score?

No idea. But does anyone know how different moves are scored? It would help in making moves.

Lowest score at 1st visit in snooker?

If you hit 14 reds and 14 yellows your score would be 42. There is now only 1 red left and hence there is 35 left on the table and thus a winning score. In theory though, the opponent can carry on playing hoping to get a snooker. So the lowest score in which it is impossible to do this would be 15 reds potted with no color plus the colors up to the pink which is 21 and thus 36 is the very lowest possible score to win without the opponent being able to win in any circumstance.

What is the score when a person wins a point after serving?

In tennis, the person who is serving always has their score said first. So if they are just starting their set and the server wins the score is 15-0. If the server wins again it moves to 30-0. On the next point it goes to 40-0 and this would be a set point. If the server wins a fourth point, he would win the set. In volleyball, the servers score is again said first. This time you just add one point to the score and if the server's team does not get a point, the serve will switch to the other team.

How does a player score when playing tennis?

there are numerous ways for you to score while playing tennis. if you serve, and your opponent does not return the ball, hits the net on the return, or returns the ball and it goes out of bounds, these would all equal a point to you. you can also gain a point if after two tries your opponent does not serve the ball over the net. also remember the score starts at 15, goes to 30, then to 40, and 60 is win. if you both are tied at 40, that is called two, and you would need to score twice to win the match.

How many points do you get if you use all of your scrabble letters first?

If you play all seven letters, you get a 50-point bonus after you total the score for the word. If you play your remaining letters to finish the game ("playing out") you receive the sum of the other player's tiles and the other person deducts that score (and no 100 point bonus, that would be quite a bit). For example, if you play out and your opponent has AQ left over, you would receive 1(A) + 10(Q) = 11, while the opponent subtracts 11. The only exception is in a tournament, where you receive double the opponent's score and the opponent's score is unchanged (this does not affect the point difference).

What moves can ditto do on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game?

The only move it can do is "Transform" This means it can momentarily learn all the moves of one of the opponent's Pokemon, for example if you were battling a fire type Chimchar, it would learn some fire type moves. If you're looking for a Pokemon which always knows moves i would recommend catching another Pokemon!

What is the difference between playing chess alone or with another player?

An opponent other than yourself may have some novel moves that you would not normally use when playing yourself .

What is Dialga's special ability?

Dialga's special ability is Pressure. This ability increases the PP usage of the opponent's moves when they target Dialga in battle.

How many moves do you have to do in Kung Fu?

In any type of Marshal Arts it is will known that the best move you can do is none... but if that don't work the lest amount of moves you would hope that you have to do is one "move" if that don't stop him/her then try two "moves" you can keep going till you opponent has stopped fighting you and the thereat is gone ...

Who would score first in super bowl?

I think the Colts will score first because they have a better offence, and they're defence will stop Drew Brees and the running gain.

What is the least amount of moves possible with spider solitaire?

what is the least number of moves that can be made in spider solitaire? My wife received a score of 92. The best I have ever scored is a 94. I received 92 moves also sancarpe My dads best score is 87 and mine is 101. The fewest number of moves I EVER got was 88. If I played a hundred games, however, the average would be in the mid 90's. The fewest number of moves I have made is 81. Several times. My average is in the upper 80's.

If you have 92 and opponent has 86 you lose?

it should be basketball, because only basketball can average that kind of score.