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Sure. I always win egg drop contests. Here's one way. It is necessary to soften the deceleration when the egg hits. One good way is to take several foam cups and space them so that the stack collapses on impact. Use masking tape between them to delay the collapse. When the stack hits, you should hear a pop-pop-pop-pop. It is necessary to guarantee the stacked cups hit instead of the side, so some fin or spin or drogue chute stabilization is needed. The system you use depends on the size/volume/weight contest constraints. Make the largest, lightest structure you can. The "passenger" compartment is another foam cup with basic padding--tissues or foam. Spray insulation or silly string would be good, but almost any soft, compliant material should work. Lastly--If you want to win--Get a guarantee from the person running the contest that the rules WILL BE FOLLOWED. Usually violators are allowed to compete anyway, and win prizes too.

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Q: Are there any successful egg drop solutions?
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What are some examples for how to drop an egg without breaking the egg its self. or even purpose for how to drop an egg without breaking the egg its self?

It depends on how far the egg has to drop. In High School we had to do 1 story, about 10 feet drop with only 1 sheet of 8x10 paper. The most successful projects involved a combination of an airfoil design parachute with some crumbled up paper under the egg to act as a cushion.

What is Siemen's egg drop?

Siemen's egg drop is a experament, where you have to wrap the chicken egg in materails and drop it and hope it doesn't breah.

When was Egg Drop created?

Egg Drop was created on 2012-01-11.

What does a guy mean when he says egg drop?

In my school an "egg drop" is a project where you build a device to catch an egg.

How do you drop an egg in box without breaking?

Any way you drop it is fine... It's hard to find a box that actually "breaks"...

Ways to drop an egg without breaking it?

drop it on a mattress

What can you use to win the egg drop?

To win the egg drop competition, you can use materials such as straws, cotton balls, bubble wrap, or small cushions to create a protective casing around the egg to absorb the impact. It's important to design a structure that reduces the force of impact when the egg is dropped from a height. Make sure to test your design by dropping it from various heights to see if it can withstand the impact and protect the egg.

How do you drop a raw egg onto contreat without breaking it?

Any way you want. Its pretty hard to break concrete with a raw egg.

How do you keep an egg from breaking in an egg drop?

You use a Plastic egg

Ways to drop an egg with out breaking?

One way to drop an egg without breaking it is to use a lot of padding and put the egg in a container.

How to use gravity with an egg drop experiment?

Making a egg drop experiment is easy. You determine the gravity by how fast the egg drops and if it breaks.

How do you drop a egg?

By throwing it