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yes and no SOME have run out or are not avalible

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Q: Are there any take that tickets left?
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Are there any take that tickets left for 2011?

there are probably a load left: ~ reports from the ticket sellers is that they have sold out by 1500 hours on 29/10/2010

Are there any WrestleMania tickets left?

Well, I don't think there are any WrstleMania 25 tickets left. If you are wondering why, it is about 3 more days until WrestleMania 25.

Are there any athletics tickets left for the Olympics preferably to see Jessica Ennis?


Can you buy tickets at halftime in a basketball game?

if there is any open seats left then maybe

How do you check the days left on your Disney Park Hopper Pass?

You have to take your tickets to the guest relations window at any Disney park. Occasionally, they will be willing to check for you at your Disney resort.

David loves the Yankees He has five tickets to the game and wants to take his mom and brother with him What percentage of the tickets will he have left to give to his friends?

He has 5.He wants to use 3.He'll have 2 left, of the original 5.2/5 = 40%I haven't tried it out, but I have a sneaking hunch that the result would be the same for any other major league team, as well as for tickets to the opera, the ballet, or to Tokyo for that matter.

Are there any one direction tickets left for the Melbourne tour?

No all of the concert tickets have sold out in Australia, you may be able to buy some on eBay for around about $1000

Is their any golden tickets left to win the Justin Bieber contest?

yes there is i think theres 2

Can you get a warrant for your arrest if you have unpaid tickets?

Yes you can! Any unpaid tickets can cause you a lot of problems. The courts will see that your not paying them or making any attempt to take care of them, and then a warrant for your arrest will be issued.!

I have sold 25 percent of the 1800 tickets for my church concert. How many tickets do i have left?

You have sold 450 and have 1350 left to sell.

Are there any tickets left for the NY Giants home opener?

There are plenty of tickets available for the game. Just about any website that sells football tickets will have them available. This being said, Scalpers often buy up allof the tickets to sell for a profit so you may find yourself paying far more than the original ticket value.

Need to find out if you have any tickets in my name?

We have no tickets in any ones name.