Are there dimensions

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes, there are other dimensions, its just we cant see them because we are only meant to see three other dimensions. Right ow there are millions of other dimensions in your house its just you cant see them.

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Q: Are there dimensions
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What is mercury's dimensions?

what are Mercury's dimensions? what are mercury's dimensions?

What is a three-dimentional shape?

On paper = 2 dimensions Physical = 3 dimensions Examples: a square is 2 dimensions and a cube is 3 dimensions a circle is 2 dimensions and a ball is 3 dimensions

What are the dimensions of a hardcover book?

there r no such fixed dimensions . it does come in all dimensions

Is a ray in math 2 dimensions?

A ray can be in 2 dimensions, in 3 dimensions, or in fact in any number of dimensions.

What are the two classifications of dimensions?

The two classifications of dimensions are Size Dimensions, and Location Dimensions. Size Dimensions are placed in direct relationship to a feature to identify the specific size. Location Dimensions are used to identify the relationship of a feature to another feature in an object.

How many dimensions do a segment have?

one dimensions

You want examples for dimensions?

the plane, or xy plane, has two dimensions space has 3 dimensions

How many dimensions are in the White House?

3 dimensions. 2 dimensions means flat. the white house has length, width, and height. 3 dimensions, no?

How do you distinguish between derived dimensions and regular dimensions on the screen?

What you are looking for are driven dimensions. Derived dimensions must be a typo. Driven dimensions are enclosed in parentheses to distinguish them from regular dimensions in inventor. These dimensions do not contrain a sketch they simply reflect dimensioned geometry which is most likely under some geometric constraint.

What is dimensions of a square?

The dimensions are: The dimensions of the square are LW Length x width (srry about the last one)

What is the unit dimensions of length?

"L" is the dimensions of length.

What the universe had four dimensions?

it has 4 four dimensions