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There are countless numbers with more than 6 factors. 540, for example has 24 factors, and some numbers have even more.

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Do larger numbers have more factors than smaller numbers?

Generally yes, but not in all cases. The largest prime number has over 22 million digits but only two factors whereas 60 has six times as many factors.

Does 90 have 6 factors?

90 has more than six factors.

Which two numbers between 1 and 6 have six factors?

None of the numbers in that range have six factors.

How many factors do the 75 composite numbers have?

75 has six factors.

Why is six not a prime number?

It has more than two factors.

Does six have more factors than 4?


Why is a sum that is a factor of six more probable of being rolledo?

If you're rolling one die, the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 6 are factors of six and are more likely to be rolled than 4 and 5, which are not.

What are the set of factors less than 6?

All of the numbers less than six can be factors, and all integers have a least one factor that is less than six. Here's a set of factors less than 6: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

What numbers has six factors?

12 does.

What numbers are less than 20 with the most factors?

12 and 18 are tied with six apiece.

Fund two numbers which us less than twenty that has six factors?

12 and 18

Does twenty-three or fifty-six have more factor's how many more?

56 has six more factors than 23 does.

How do you calculate debtors more than six months?

We have to observe the numbers of them

What are the lowest numbers with 4 factors?


Which has more than six factors 6 15 12 64?

64 does.

What is a number less than 19 that has more factors?

In that range, 12 and 18 are tied with six factors apiece.

Are 12 and 18 composite?

Any number with more than 2 factors is composite.12 has six factors, so it's composite.18 also has six factors, so it's composite too.(Only 4 of the factors of 8 are the same as 4 of the factors of 12)

What number is 6 more than 2?

You add six to two and you will get 8. If you wanted it six times more than two, you have to multiply the two numbers. You will get 12.

What is the greatest whole number with no more than six factors?

A prime number has only two factors. That is, it can only divide evenly by 1 and itself. It is known that there are an infinite number of prime numbers. Thus prime numbers continue up to infinitely large amounts. Therefore it makes no sense to ask what the "greatest number with no more than 6 factors" is. It's the same as asking what the biggest number is!

What is the number which has six prime factors?

There are infinitely many numbers which have 6 prime factors.

How many ways can sox numbers be chosen out of thirty numbers?

I assume you mean "six numbers" rather than "sox numbers". If the numbers are all distinct (i.e none of them are in the set of thirty numbers more than once), then there are 30!/(24!6!) ways of choosing six numbers, where "!" is the factorial of that number.

How many diffent whole numbers are factors of 12?

Six of them.

What are the numbers that have 6 factors?

That's an infinite list. Take any two prime numbers (a,b). a x b^2 will have six factors. 12, 18, 20, 28 and 32 all have six factors.

Where the number of things counted would be more than six digit numbers?

Whenever there are a million or more items.

What numbers have exactly six factors?

12 has exactly 6 factors ^.^ 1x12 3x4 2x6