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3 / 4 = 9 / 12

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Q: Are three quarters bigger that seven twelfths?
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What is three twelfths plus four twelfths?


Is seven and five eigths bigger than seven and three quarters?

no, it is smaller

How many twelfths make three quarters?

nine twelfths

What is three quarters minus two thirds?

Converting to twelfths gives 9 twelfths minus 8 twelfths which is 1 twelfth.

Is seven twelfths greater than three twelfths?


What is five sixths minus three forth as a fraction?

You change five sixths into ten twelfths and three quarters into nine twelfths. Then you subtract the nine twelfths from the ten twelfths, which equals one twelfth.

What is eight and three fourths plus three and seven twelfths?

twelve and four twelfths

Is seven twelves bigger than 3 sixths?

Yes, one sixth is equal to two twelfths.Therefore three sixths is equal to just six twelths.Seven twelfths is therefore bigger (more) than 3 sixths.

Is nine twelfths a rational number?

0.75 or three quarters is rational.

What is three and five twelfths subtract one and seven twelfths?

1 and 10/12

What fraction is bigger. Two thirds or three quarters?

three quarters

Is three and two-thirds greater than three and seven-twelfths?

Yes, it is. Three and two thirds is three and eight twelfths.

Which is larger three quarters or seven tenths?

7/10 is bigger than 3/4 with the default

What is five sixths plus three quarters?

10/12 + 9/12 = 19/12 = 1 and 7/12

Which fraction is bigger one third or three twelfths?


Is a half bigger then three quarters?


What is three fourths minus one sixth?

seven twelfths

How many quarters in seven and three quarters?


Which is the larger share seven twelfths of twenty four or marbles or three quarter s oftwenty fout marbles?

3/4= .75. 7/12= .583 Three quarters is larger

What is greater a quarter or three quarter?

Three quarters is bigger

Which is bigger four fifths or three quarters?

four fifths is bigger

How many tenths are there in three quarters?

Three quarters is equal to seven and a half tenths.

What is greater seven twelfths or three fifths?

3/5 is greater.

What is bigger three quarters or five sixths?

Five sixths is the bigger fraction.

What is seven three quarters of?


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