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A scalene triangle is a triangle in which all three sides and all three angles are different.

Therefore two angles of a scalene triangle are NEVER congruent.

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Q: Are two angles of a scalene triangle congruent sometimes never or always?
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Which triangle always has three sides that are not congruent?

scalene triangle

Is an isosceles triangle always never or sometimes congruent?

"Congruent" means "same shape and size as the other one". So one thing all by itself is never congruent. It needs something else to be congruent with. An isosceles triangle is never congruent to a scalene triangle, sometimes congruent to any other kind of triangle, and always congruent to another isosceles triangle that's congruent to the first one.

What is always true about a scalene triangle?

They have 2 congruent sides.

What triangle is formed with three sides of different lengths?

A scalene triangle. In a scalene triangle, there are no congruent sides or angles. In an isosceles triangle, at least two congruent sides and angles. In an equilateral triangle, all three sides and angles are congruent, with angles that always measure sixty degrees. Note: an equilateral triangle also classifies as an isosceles triangle, as it meets the definition of an isosceles triangle mentioned above.

Is an isosceles and a scalene triangle always sometimes or never similar?


Determine if the statement is always sometimes or never true. A scalene triangle is obtuse.?

Sometimes. "Scalene" simply means that the three sides have different lengths. This does not imply that the triangle has to have an obtuse angle.

Are a scalene triangle and an isoceles triangles sometimes always or never similar?

Sometimes similar but it depends

Is a scalene always isosceles?

No. A scalene triangle is never isosceles. An isosceles triangle has two equal sides. A scalene triangle has none.

Is Scalene always a right triangle?


An equiangular triangle can never be scalene true or false?

An equiangular triangle is always equal. A scalene triangle does not have to have any equal sides. Therefore an equiangular triangle in never scalene.

Triangle with no equal sides angles or sides?

A triangle with no equal sides or angles will always be classified as 'scalene'.

How can a scalene triangle be acute?

When an angle of the scalene triangle is less than 90 but the other two are always more.