Are women smarter than men

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Some men can be smarter than some women and some women can be smarter than some men. We are different but equal .

No man is perfect and no woman is perfect. There's no answer that anyone can prove with fact or at least not yet.


There are Street Smarts, Book Smarts, Creativity, Music smarts, Wit and cleverness...All are measures of intelligence. No test of neuron capacity, or IQs or PHDs accumulated can render whether one individual is smarter than another. My girlfriend is a physicist and she can't read a map. My brother plays guitar and can hack a computer faster than you can finish reading this sentence, he didnt graduate high school. It's all Relative!

Additional Opinions:No, they only think that they are. Seriously think about it, Albert Einstein is the smartest person who ever lived, Bill Gates is the richest person who ever lived, almost ALL television networks are run by men, almost all big businesses are run by men. So the true answer to this question - NO

you're sexist. i bet your mom typed that for u anyways. try thinking, oh wait... u cant can u, because ur a boy, no offense to anybody else besides sexist people out there. the question wasnt about albert eintstein, and it definitely wasnt about bill gates. if it wasnt for women u wouldn't even be here. and try to name some of the big businesses dude. wat does television networking have to do with that anyways?! >_< I say the TRUE TRUE answer to the question is yes.

You're making a very poor case for women (see her text). Men are definitely stronger than women, just look at any sport. In science men do better because of abstract thinking and superior spacial recognition. Men are better leaders than women because they don't get distracted as easily and don't get emotionally involved.

It doesn't matter about how rich men can be or how smart they are, some men are smart but really MOST men are not! they can't put one sentence together let alone a whole conversation! Women are smarter full stop and men are below us. Some women aren't brainy but most are.

If a man says men are smarter, he's a sexist. If a woman says women are smarter, she's a brave soul and an emancipated person. When women invent anything better than a cookie recipe, let me know. Western culture has truly idealized the woman mainly because she's the better consumer. Just because a woman spends the money, doesn't mean she earns it, or that she is smarter than a man. It just means that men are more restrained, more self-sufficient and less dependent than women. Oh and just because you talk more doesn't mean it's all good. If I can say what I want in 3-4 words and it takes you 20 to do the same thing, it just means you less capable of self-understanding and expression.

So evidently your a man! You don't know anything about women if u think that all we know how to do is cook, as a matter of fact i already know im better than u. for every guy who reads this and thinks that im wrong, then theyre all sexist. DONT THINK THAT EVERY WOMEN IS JUST LIKE Britney Spears , CUZ WE'RE NOT,

true. guys can be smart but most are not as smart as women. to the guy who typed above the girl above this, hes just trying to prove hIS opinion about all this by using those big words.. nice one.. to every one else on here who typed that men are stronger than women, THAT WAZNT THE QUESTION!! GET IT STRAIGHT. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, AND THINK LIKE YOU SAY EVERY MAN THINKS. A WOMEN JUS READ THAT QUESTION, REALIZED THAT ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG. THAT WAZNT THE QUESTION, AND IF YOU SAY ANYTHING ELSE SEXIST, THEN YOU NEED TO GO LOOK UP ON YOUR HISTORY.

Most of the guys answers on here, are about money, or strength.. i mean come on... if you even take a LITTLE look at this question, and see anything about those in it.. then you need to get your eyes checked.. LIKE NOW. that had nothing to do with anything. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

think about it guyz who read this.. if women WERE always as strong as you, or had JUST AS MUCH money as you, OR BOTH.. would you date them? would you notice them? THINK. you like to think your better, but your all just SEXISt.

You think women are smarter than men when it comes to a lot more things than the average MAN can EVEN THINK OF?

Just look around you and count the things that men did, then count the things that women did. Did a woman build your house? The road you drive it on? Did a woman discover electricity or anything else for that matter? And for the record, saying that women are smarter than men, also makes you a sexist, doesn't matter. That's also the reason my most men earn more than women, they're more productive, both physically and intellectually.

For one... IM only sexist when guys like u get sexist twards me.... For two.. I kno ur a guy becuz u sayin all of that, was sexist.... For Three.... yes, a women DID build my house, and it looks beautiful... For Four... yea dude, some of the roads u drive on, WERE made by women... and Fifth... a women DIDNT descover electricity or nuthin like that becuz back then, ppl were MORE sexist then all of the answers to this question and becuz of that, women had no rights and couldn't descover anything... sixth... women are smarter then men, becuz they actually READ THIS QUESTION....>=] when any other MAN decides he wants to place a comment on this question, how about he makes sure he reads the question carefully, and make sure his comment had SOMETHING to do with what the ppl out there asked.. if not, and he puts an answer on here about strength or something about albert Einstein, and trys to outdo the last WOMEN that commented. and this quesion will never end, becuz ya MEN outhere who've done commented on this question in a sexist way, u all kno who u r, have made me come back to check this quesion every week, jus to make sure none of ya MEN have gotten sexist twards me again. >=| and don't say "its not only u were talking about" i know that already, becuz im a women don't mess with a Texas women. or any women for that matter, and we all kno ur MEN are jus tryin to show the readers that u think ur smarter than women by usin all of those "intelligent words" i hope too, that the next MAN to comment on here is smart enough to read this question, and not try to outdo me, or if another women comments after me, not try to outdo her. jus give ur opinion on this question, "are women smarter than men" in a NON SEXIST WAY. ill be checkin, believe me.

In response to 'Are Women Smarter than Men?', by claims of research, it is currently unknown as to which gender is or could be smarter. There are claims that because men are physiologically bigger than women, then there is a theory that they have bigger brains and more brain tissue, which allows for more synapses. On the other hand, this hasn't been proven to be true or false.

Stereotypically, Women have shown themselves to think more analytically and more often than men, but again this has neither been proven true nor false. As is common knowledge, men are stronger than women, that is a proven fact. So, as a woman, I would like some compensation for that; I want to be naturally smarter than any man :)!!! But, should that not be the case, then that does NOT make men better than women by any means. We all have our gifts to offer and our vices to spite, despite science-based fact and de facto.

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Q: Are women smarter than men
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