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No, a pregnancy does not constitute automatic emancipation of a minor. The minor can petition the court for emancipation rights in order to receive state assistance such as Medicaid, WWIC, and so forth.

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Q: Are you considered an adult once you become pregnant?
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Is a pregnant minor in the state of California considered an adult once the baby is born?

i think once the child is born, the minor is considered an adult. and has emancipation rights from their parents.

Are you an adult once you become pregnant in Texas?

Becoming pregnant is not an act of emancipation in Texas. You will be considered an adult in all decisions concerning your baby, like whether or not to obtain an abortion, and how you want your delivery to go, child care after the baby is born, etc. However, all decisions concerning what happens to you will still be up to your parent. Marriage is considered a permanent act of emancipation in Texas.

Can a pregnant minors parents force her to move?

no. once your pregnant ,texas see's you as an adult

Are you considered a legal adult at age 18 when you graduate from high school?

once your 17 your considered a legal adult

When could a female get pregnant?

Once a female has her period, she is then fertile and can become pregnant.

At what age does a person become a teenager?

A person is classed as a teenager once they reach the age of 13 and continues to be considered a teenager until they reach the age of 20 at which point they are considered an adult.

What fraction of teenage girls will become pregnant at least once?

Almost all of them. Unless you are asking if they will become pregnant as a teen.

Can you become pregnant if a guy put it in and out once?


Are you at 19 considered a child in Arizona by a doctor?

No, you're considered an adult once you're 18.

How often horse get pregnant?

Horses can become pregnant once a year, between spring and fall.

What age do you have to be o become pregnant?

there is no certain age you have to be to be able to get pregnant. Once you get your first period you can become pregnant and some people are young and some are older when they get their first period.

Is a teenager considered an adult?

No - an adult is someone who has reached the age of maturity. A person is a teenager once they reach their 13th birthday.

How many times can a raccoon be pregnant?

A female can become pregnant once each year during its breeding years.

What are my chances of getting pregnant once off birth control?

Once you body begins ovulating again which can take anything from 2-6 weeks you can become pregnant.

Is a 16 year consider an adult if the parents signes for her to get married?

No, not really. it doesn't matter when you get married, but and adult is once you become 18.

What happens once a child turn 18?

In the US, they cease to be a child (legally) and become an adult- with all of the rights and responsibilities of an adult.

What causes you to be pregnant?

Sperm and an egg. Once the sperm meets the egg and makes its way through women can become pregnant.

When man can have a children?

It is physically impossible for a man to become pregnant. I know there is a story about a man in the US who got pregnant and had a baby, but that 'man' was once a woman, and still had the womb and all the things that are needed in the body to become pregnant and have a baby. It is impossible for a person who was born a man to become pregnant.

What to do after you become an adult in legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

Once you become an adult you wanna head to the Kokiri Forest again then go to the Lost Woods and after that, The Sacred Meadow and into the Forest Temple.

Can a woman be pregnant then become pregnant again the same time?

no. this is because once you have become pregnate the ovary does not release any more eggs until you are not pregnate any more.

Who is legally responsible for a married minor in NH?

No one is responsible for them. Once married they are considered an adult.

Is 101.6 a high fever in an adult male?

Yes. Once it hits 101.0 it is considered high

What is the earliest age a person can get pregnant?

The earliest age is whenever the girl has her first period. For me, i was 10 years old. I could have become pregnant at that age. Once the young woman or girl has had a period, she may become pregnant.

How old can you be when you get pregnant?

You can become pregnant once you have your first period, so it ranges from female to female. That is, of course, if you are having sex at that age.

Are you an adult once you graduate from high school?

Not technically. In society, you are an adult once you turn eighteen. That's when you're considered one at least. The important thing is when you choose to act like it.