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The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.

The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.

The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.

The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.

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The answer will depend on the spinner, its shape, the number of sides, what numbers are on those sides.

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Q: Are you more likely to spin an ood number or even number?
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Are you more likely to spin an odd number or an number?

I presume you meant to say an odd number or an even number, and that the spin is the spin of a roulette wheel. There are an equal number of odd and even numbers in the range 0 to 35, but the 00 makes even more likely. Unfortunately, I don't think the casinos count 00 as either odd or even. So if you bet all your money on odd and even equally, you will lose money in the long run because both bets lose when a 00 comes up.

Are you more likely to spin 3 odd numbers or 3 even numbers?

if there are 6 numbers, 1 thru 6, they have equal probabilities

Did your spin ID ever win?

No your spin id never won. Spin IDs expire if the prize is not claimed within 24 hours so even a winning number does not win unless claimed.

Why are there more women in spin classes?

Recent studies suggest women are much more likely to be fat and ugly compared to males.

What is the probability of spinning an even number all four times?

That depends on the numbers you can spin.

Which outcome is least likely to occur on a single spin 1 an odd number 2 a prime number 3 a perfect square 4 a number divisible by 2?

a perfect square

What does bowling have to do with math?

you have to project the balls spin and how fast how to turn how slick the lane is and more even

Will the Tails Doll appear in any more games?

Not likely, the Tails Doll was a spin off character for Sonic R only.

What are the advantages of a slate bed pool table?

The major advantage of a slate bed pool table is that it provides a more true and even run of the balls. On other surfaces the balls are more likely to deviate from straight lines. Slate tables will also allow the balls to react better to spin.

What does the spin quantum number represent?

represents the spin of the electron.

Where would you find your spin ID number for Wheel of Fortune?

You register for your unique personal Spin ID number (your initials plus a number) at the Wheel of Fortune site. Each day during the program, a lucky Spin ID (or more than one) will be displayed, giving the number's holder a chance to receive a prize. Once the number is displayed, the holder must verify their claim at the Wheel of Fortune site within 24 hours, or they do not receive the prize. The current Spin ID is posted daily at the related link below.

What was today's spin ID Number?

After the show airs, you can find the Spin ID number at the related link below.

Hard Boiled eggs spin because are more dense or is it because they are less dense?

It actually has nothing to do with density. In an uncooked egg, the amniotic fluid inside continues to spin even when you have stopped the whole egg from spinning. Hence, when you let go again, the momentum of the amniotic fluid makes the egg spin once more. Hope this helps!

What is the number of electron?

Assuming you mean spin, an electron has a spin of 1/2.

The spin quantum number of an electron can be thought of as describing?

direction of electron spin

How can i open my VIP luggage that is number locked?

To open your VIP luggage that has a number spin lock just spin the number to the position of your combination. Your luggage will then open. This is very nice luggage and the spin lock is a very convenient feature.

What is spin south west number?


What is spin quantum number?

The spin quantum number, signified by the letter "s," is one of four quantum numbers that characterize the quantum state of an electron including a) the principal quantum number, b) teh azimuthal quantum number, c) the magnetic quantum number, adn the spin quantum number. The spin quantum number parameterizes the intrinsic angular momentum (spin angular momentum, or simply spin) of a given particle.Paul Dirac's wave equation in 1930, which unlike Schrodinger's was relativistically invariant, predicted the magnetic moment, treated the electron as a point particle and provided a solution for all four quantum numbers, including the spin, "s."

How do you unlock a combination lock glove box?

Spin 3 times to the right until you get to your 1st number, spin to the left past your second number once then keep spinning until you get back to your 2nd number, then spin to the right until you get to the last number. then pull the lock to open. By Emma

Do galaxies spin the same way?

Galaxies spin in all different directions. Some galaxies even spin in different directions within themselves.

Will the earth spin quicker in 100 years?

It is not likely that the Earth will spin quicker, as it has been rotating at nearly the same speed for at least 2,000 years.

What is the Spin ID number for the Wheel of Fortune?

This is a number issued by Sony, the distributor of the show, that allows home viewers a chance to win a prize. Viewers can get a personal Spin ID number from the Wheel of Fortune website, and each show will have one or more ID's that identify winners. The winner must claim his prize within 24 hours (5 PM the following day). For more information, see the related link below. For today's current Spin ID, click the other related link below.

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Does 1983 camaro z28 4-barrel car have a posi traction rear end?

More than likely it does, to check, jack the back of the car up and put the car in neutral and spin a rear tire by hand and if both wheels spin in the same direction you have a posi.

What is a likely result of accelerating too quickly?

There are several possible results; including wheel spin, which will waste fuel, damage your tyres and more importantly reduce the amount of control you have.