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There is no need to borrow when multiplying. You need to carry numbers when multiplying but not borrow.

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Q: Are you supposed to borrow when multiplying?
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What is the rule for multiplying fours?

== If you multiply four with two, you are supposed to add the number times two. Example: 4x2== 8. ===

If somebody accidentally divides by 4 instead of multiplying by 3 and the result is 12 what is the correct answer supposed to be?

12 * 4 * 3 = 144

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How is multiplying two decimal like multiplying a whole number and decimal?

Multiplying 6.7 and 5.5 is the same as multiplying 0.67 and 55, or 67 and 0.55.

Is area multiplying or adding?

multiplying. adding is permeter. sorry bout my spelling. not the best at it

What is the inverseof multiplying?

The inverse operation of Multiplying is Dividing.

What is the definition of multiplying fractions?

definition of multiplying fractions?

What is multiplying the same as?

Multiplying is the same as repeated addition.

What is the different of multiplying and addition?

multiplying is repeted addition

When you multiply 528 by 4 you are multiplying?

yes its multiplying

How is multiplying complex numbers similar to multiplying polynomials?


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