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'Areas of competence' means whatever things you are good at, or have experience in.

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Q: Areas of competence
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Explain your areas of clinical skill and competence?

You may be asked to explain your areas of skill and competence in a field in which you are applying. You will want to be prepared to answer any of these types of questions.

In what areas have forensic accountants proven competence?

Forensic accountants draw their expertise from many areas, including accounting, auditing, cost accounting, taxation, and information technology.

What is perceived competence?

Perceived competence is how a person sees another when it comes to competence. What one sees as competence may not be an accurate view.

What is sentence competence?

He demonstrated his competence with his sure actions. They questioned his competence in dealing with the demonstrators.

How do you compare skills knowledge and understanding that you have now with the competence you need to develop?

You can compare skills knowledge and the understanding that you have now with the competence that you need to develop by by objectively evaluating the amount of knowledge you have ih areas that you consider your strengths and weaknesses.

What is competence?

Competence is the ability to do something efficiently.

How can you determine the letter if it is linguistic competence or communicative competence?

ur djjidhsjkahlfklsdfh

Make sentence on the word competence?

You have demonstrated your competence by the thoroughness of your report.

Can you make two sentences with competence?

It is with linguistic competence that I am able to string together two sentences. Similarly, it is with technological competence that I am able to post them on the internet. To question the competence of my ability to use the word "competence"' in two sentences only highlights my incompetence at building your confidence in me. The status of my competence relies on building your confidence in my abilities, immediately, if not sooner.

Competence in a sentence?

Her knowledge and skill allow her to exhibit competence in her job performance.

What is the purpose of the Compliance Certification Board?

The Compliance Certification Board develops criteria to determines competence in the practice of compliance and ethics in various industries and specialty areas.

How do you use competence in a sentence?

Studies have shown that people who are incompetent tend to overestimate their competence.

Which is the definition of competence in developmental biology?

Competence is the ability of a cell by which it can respond towards a signal.

Can you find any examples of exercises that practice grammatical competence and communicative competence?


What is instrumental competence?

Particular kind of social competence which is associated with success (Baumrind, 1966).

Competence used in a sentence?

"Although Bill was an experienced plumber, installing a gas pipe for the stove was outside his area of competence" "I'm beginning to doubt her competence"

Make distinction between competence and performance?

Competence is what you are able to do. Performance is what you actually do.

What is difference between competence and performance?

competence is the belief of what you are capable of, while performance is the actual performance

How does a river's velocity affect its competence and capacity?

the competence and capacity of a steam depend on a streams velocity and discharge. Because the velocity and discharge of a given stream are not constant , the competence and capacity of a stream are not constant . competence and capacity vary along a stream and change throughout the year.

Can you give me a sentence with the word competence in it?

The police officer questioned the competence of a driver; the driver was swerving frequently.

What are the values of joint service integrity competence?

Integrity, competence, physical courage, moral courage and teamwork

How can you be a leader?

Competence and confidence. Competence in the skills and knowledge of the team you will be leading, but also competence in leadership skills. Confidence that of all people, you are qualified to direct the energies and motivations of your team, to earn their trust.

What si competence level in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of COMPETENCE LEVEL: antas ng kakayahan

When to use the word competence or competency?

I think that AP Physics is far beyond his level of competence.


preservation and enhancement of the competence of employees in their jobs is part of