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There isn't one. It is an algebraic operation, not an arithmetic one and is called exponentiation.

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Q: Arithmetic operation that raises to the power?
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What is the arithmetic operation that raises to the power?

I would Say that the answer is the exponent

What is the arithmetic operator that raises to the power?


Arithmetic operator that raises to the power?

exponentiation (the symbol in Excel is ^)

What is logic operation and arithmetic operation?

A logic operation is when you work with the truth or falsehood of statements whereas an arithmetic operation is concerned only with numerical values.

What is difference between the arithmetic operation and logical operation?

An arithmetic operation combines two numbers while a logical operation uses two logical values which can be true or false. The arithmetic operation uses adding or subtraction to reach the correct answer.

Is Multiplication is an arithmetic operation?

multiplication is a operation

What are the function of Arithmetic logic unit?

ALU can perform any arithmetic and logical operation...

Which is an arithmetic operation?

The four basic operations of arithmetic are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What are the examples of arithmetic operation?

The 4 basic arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Is multiplication an arithmetic operation?

yes, there are four arithmetic operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

What arithmetic operation can be preformed on the numbers from this sequence -3-2-10123?

Any arithmetic operation, other than division by zero, can be performed on any set of numbers in a sequence.

How an ALU differentiate between arithmetic and logic?

It doesn't have to. The ALU is given one or two inputs and is told what operation to perform on them. It has no need to figure out whether that operation is arithmetic or logic, since each individual operation will be different anyway.

Differences between ALU and control unit in microprocessor unit?

ALU which basically used for arithmetic operation (like addition, subtraction etc ) in microprocessor and control unit (to control some operation) used to choose an operation in ALU ( is this is addition, subtraction or other arithmetic operation).

What is arithmetic operator that raises to the power?

It is "raising to the power". Although repeated multiplication can be used for raising to a positive integer power for example, a5 = a*a*a*a*a that analogy fails for rational powers or irrational ones. And it is totally useless when the power is a complex number.

What does inverse mean in arithmetic?

"opposite" operation. The inverse of subtraction is addition; the inverse operation of multiplication is division.

What are the four basic operations performed by a computer?

Arithmetic operation

Is an arithmetic operation or combination of arithmetic operations that results to a number?

Yes, provided they are defined (ie excluding division by 0).

What is the arithmetic operation that divides contents in a cell?

the division symbol (/)The arithmetic operator that divides contents of a cell is division.

What happens when someone adds carries or subtracts?

An arithmetic operation happens.

Is the component of the processor that performs arithmetic comparison and other operation?


What arithmetic operator directs Excel to perform the division operation?

the divide symbol (/)

Is it true the arithmetic operator directs excel to perform the division operation?


What is arithmetic sentence?

All I know is a number sentence. It is one with an operation, (+-*/) and an inequality/equality.

Is even number set under subtraction?

A set is a set and does not need an arithmetic operation.

When does four plus six equal eleven?

If you add 1 to the arithmetic operation then you get 11

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