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Q: Armia's percentile rank on an exam in a class of 300 is 85. sanjo class rank is 42 who is ranked higher?
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What class rank is 20th percentile of 400 students?

76 students ranked higher, 320 lower, and 4 equal.

Fran's percentile rank on an exam in a class of 500 is 85 Kelly's class rank is 60 Who is ranked higher?

Fran's rank score is for 1 test. Kelly's rank is the CLASS rank. That means that Kelly is # 60 in a class of 500. Or, if you simplify, she is #12 in a class of 100. Fran's percentile rank on the exam was 85%, or 85 out of 100. Therefore, there are 15 percentile points that other people got higher than Fran's score. But there are only 11 people ahead of Kelly. Therefore, Kelly is ranked higher.

What is gprs class 33?

gprs class 33 is a speed at which data is transferred. It can be ranked in a class from 1 to 45 and the higher the number towards 45, the faster the data will be transferred.

If your son scored 88 in the quiz what was his percentile in the class?

Your question can not be answered. A tally of all scores in the class is necessary. These are then ranked (lowest to highest), and the percentiles identified. For more information, I suggest you look at percentiles under wikipedia.

What is another way to express class rank?

Percentile rank

Was the merchant class ranked below peasants?


What is Jerron Love ranked?

Jerron Love is ranked #1 point guard in the class of 2015 and #14 in the country according to

The third ranked class Indian society or commoners?


What is the average GPA of a west point plebe?

The USMA does not weight GPA but rather class standing. For instance, if your class size is 500 and you are 5th the in your class you are ranked higher than someone who is 5th in a class of 50. In the entering Class of 2015 71% of the plebes were in the top 20% of their class. Eleven percent of the Class of 2015 that entered in June of 2011 were Class Valedictorians or Salutatorians.

Why cant a peasent marry a higher class person?

They actually can marry a higher class person, it is just disaproved by the higher class.

Which is the higher taxon of class or order?

Class is the higher taxon.

What was Dwight D. Eisenhower's ranking in his class at west point?

Dwight Eisenhower was ranked first in his class of 245.

Where in Robert E Lees class did he rank when he graduated from West Point?

he ranked number 4 in his graduating class

What class is higher than first class?

There is no class higher than First Class because first Class is the highest and the best.

If a student's rank in a class of 400 students is 44 then what is the student's percentile rank?

The answer is 52

How did the Sumerians pick higher class?

The Annunaki were the higher class and our progenitors.

What top general ranked the highest in his class and in what year?

Robert E Lee was second in his West Point class in 1829.

What was Jimmy Carters rank in his Naval Academy class?

He ranked 59th out of 820

What are some positives of the Miata?

One of the biggest positives of the Miata is the cost. The 2013 The 2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata is ranked 2nd most affordable in their class of cars. It is also ranked higher in reliability. Comments made by drivers of the Miatas in general speak of their good handling and good transmission shifting which makes for a smooth ride.

Where did Obama rank in his class?

At Harvard Law School, where Mr. Obama graduated in 1991, he received academic honors (Magna Cum Laude), and was ranked in the top 10% of his class. (However, there are some sources that say he ranked in the top 5%.)

What is higher then upper midle class?

Upper class.

What is the iso protection class code for Tulsa Oklahoma?

The ISO protection class code for Tulsa, Oklahoma is class two. Tulsa is one of the best ranked cities in the United States.

How can a Hindu hope to move to a higher class?

If they follow the rules they will be reborn-ed and moved to a higher class

What class of West Point did Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith graduate from?

Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith was a graduate of West Point's class of 1845. He ranked 26th in his class.

What famous military college did jeb Stuart go to?

J.E.B. Stuart was a member of the West Point class of 1854 and ranked 13th in a class of 46 cadets.