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Arturo made $9.25 more than Christine.

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Q: Arturo worked 5 hours at 5.75 per hour Christine worked 3 hours at 6.50 per hour Who made more money How much more?
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Is it legal for your boss to not pay you all the hours you worked for prevailing wage?

No, you should document your hours and take it to the higher ups of your company. Your boss cannot deny you the money he owes you for the hours worked.

What association would you expect if graphing number of hours worked and money earned?


The money earned which depends on the number of hours worked is 300?

Wage(time) = 300

What kind of jobs did the German immigrants get when they came to America?

Alot of them worked in big factories. They worked long hours and they were paid little money

How much money would you make if you worked 32 hours and you make 8.25 hour?

You simply have to multiply the number of hours by the hourly rate.

Theresa worked 9 hours on monday and 7 hours on Wednesday her total pay was116.00 what is her rate per hour?

To solve this we must first assume that her rate of pay was constant through both of these days. (If she worked any overtime, than she might make more money during her overtime hours. If this is the case, there is not sufficient information to solve this problem.The next step is to calculate how many hours she worked in total. 9 + 7 = 16 hours.Then, we divide the amount of money earned by the number of hours worked. $116 / 16 = $7.25 per hour.

A salaried employee is paid the same amount of money even though the hours worked may vary from pay period to pay period. True or false?

A salaried employee is paid the same amount of money even though the hours worked may vary from pay period to pay period. True or false?

Can you file a lawsuit against a franchise company that neglected to pay you for hours you worked?

Yes you can but see if they will give you the money that you are owed first.

Is this an example of a positive correlation the more hours you work the more money you will get on your paycheck?

Yes. try graphing it so that on the vertical axis you have "hours worked", and on the horizontal axis you have "pay". If the line slopes up as it goes right, then there is a positive correlation (ie, the more hours you work, the more money you get).

If two people worked the same job and one worked more hours then the other but both get the same pay what is this called?

either this is a salary job, that regardless of the hours worked the salary is based on a annual amount of money or salary. OR one worker is a woman and the one who work less hours is a man. Women make 70 cents versus $1.00 for the same work that a man works.

How do you keep Papa John's from cheating me out of pay?

so papa johns wont cheat you out of your money keep a payroll. a payroll is when u write down all of your hours you worked , your hourly wage, and the days you worked. multiply the hours you worked by your hourly wage then take out at least 10% for taxes and you should have a idea of how much you'll make.

How has maids changed from the past to the present?

One way that maids have changed from the past to the present is in the number of hours that they worked. In the past maids worked very long hours, as many as fourteen per day. They also made little money, and little food. Life was very harsh for them.