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I think your instructor would prefer to have you do this assignment.

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Q: Assess the character and nature of religion in colonial America?
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Whatcountry invented hip hop ?=America=

Describe and assess the causes consequences and phases of America's economic development during the colonial period?

Hmm... steam technology perhaps?

What type of religion do people follow in France?

the majority of the French (when they declare themselves religious) assess themselves as Christian Catholic

Is assesses the plural of assess?

No."Assess" is a verb, so "assesses" is the third person singular form: "Bill assesses property," "She assesses property." The first and second person singular form, and the plural form, is "assess": "I assess property," "You assess property," "We assess property," "Don and Sheila assess property."

Can a 18 year old who is a non resident get to a resident of America?

You should consult an immigration lawyer. They will assess and see if you qualify.

How do you assess and monitor risks?

assess and monitor it

How do you assess fluid dynamics in a burn patient?

You don't assess fluid dynamics in a patient. You assess the burn, you assess the patient. This isn't physics equation.

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How do you assess technology management

What part of speech is the word assess?

Assess is a verb.

Develop is to assess as train is?

develop : assess :: train:

What does the directive term 'assess' mean?

Assess: make a judgment of value, quality, outcomes, results or size

Assess in a sentence?

Assess is a verb which means evaluate. It can be used in any of the following sentences: I will assess your job application then get back to you. The soldier in charge needed to quickly assess the situation before carrying on. My son will need to assess what career he wants when he chooses his university.

What are the synonyms for assess?

I think assess means to address something or give.

How do you spell assess?

That is the correct spelling of "assess" (to study, evaluate, or determine value).

How would you assess my clothing style?

I suppose that I would assess it through observation.

Assess why pre-colonial Africa societies did not develop a slave mode of production?

becose it was taken in some few areas and also during that time the could not separet the son of slave master and slaves.

What is a sentence using the word assess?

Mortgage lenders will assess the value of your home before granting you a loan.It is difficult to assess whether this is a new trend.Tests and quizzes are used to assess a student's grasp of the subject being taught.

Sentence for assess?

Mortgage lenders will assess the value of your home before granting you a loan

What is the plural of assess?

Assess is a verb, the corresponding noun is assessment, the plural form of which is assessments.

What is the noun for assess?

The noun forms of the verb to assess are assessor, assessment, and the gerund, assessing.

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in assessing the neuro vital signs, you have to assess for the level of consciousness. assess whether he is conscious, lethargic, obstunded, stuporous or in coma. then the Glasgow coma, you will assess the eye opening, verbal response and motor response.

How do you legally form a new religion in the US?

You create a non-profit organization and apply to the IRS for status as a religion. It will assess the tenants of the religion and its relationship to others to see if it meets the requirements to be deemed a religious organization. If you don't care about tax status, just gather together and worship. As long as you don't break any laws, no one will stop you.

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There wasnt enough information to assess whether the event occured.

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Assess and compare the different sources of finance

What is the abstract noun for assess?

The abstract noun forms for the verb to assess are assessment, and the gerund, assessing.