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I think it descended -148

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Q: At 10:30 am, a submarine was 43 feet below the ocean surface. By 10:45 am, it was 271 feet below the surface. How much did it descend in that 15 minutes?
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A sentence for descend?

The submarine will descend 200 yards below sea level.

What do you call a ship that travels to the surface of the sea?

A submarine is a ship that can travel underwater.

Where do find submarine canyons?

Below the surface............

What ship which travels below the surface of the sea?

It is a submarine.

What is depth of submarine under the sea?

The depth of a submarine under the sea means how many feet below the surface of the sea it is.

What is a difference between a boat and a submarine?

A submarine is a kind of boat. But regular boats only use the surface of the water while subs also can dive and travel below the surface.

What is a landmine and a submarine mine?

Landmines are positioned under earth and leaves. A mine for a submarine hangs in the water below the water surface, or is ejected from a ship's deck to float down to the depth of the submarine.

How is pressure used in the control of a submarine's ability to dive?

The process of a submarine to move from the surface of the ocean to a position underneath the surface is called a dive. This is accomplished by allowing water to fill the tanks of the submarine, the heavy water pressure now inside the vessel now will force it to sink below the surface, thus a "dive".

Do hurricanes affect submarines below the surface?

No, hurricanes do not affect submarines operating below the surface. Sea conditions do not affect submarine operations because, in general, they run deep enough to avoid the swell on and near the surface.

What is the definition or submerge?

the definition of submerge is to be under water. for example fish are submergeing

Origin of the expression look out below?

Comes from the military/navy, specifically submarine jargon. Refers to the order for seamen "lookout(s)" that are "topside" to descend into the sub from their lookout stations in preparation of the sub submerging..."Lookouts below! Dive! Dive! Dive!"

What is the meaning of the root sub-mean?

sub- means below as in submarine, which is a vessel that travels below the surface of the water subway, a system of underground transportation subzero, a temperature below zero substandard, falling below what is expected