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== == The Hampshire Grants, which eventually became the 14th state, Vermont.

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Q: At the time of the Constitutional Convention which New England territory had not yet become a state?
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How many states did the Constitutional Convention become?


Why did Tennessee need to have constitutional convention before it could have a state capital?

Tennessee could not have a "state" capital until it became a state. A territory applying for U.S. statehood can not become a U.S. state until the territory adopts a constitution that is acceptable to the U.S. Congress. Therefore, Tennessee could not become a state until the Tennessee Territory conducted a constitutional convention to adopt a constitution. When the U.S. Congress approved statehood for Tennessee, it then could have a "state" capital.

How many states had to ratify the constitutional convention for it to become a law?


Did the constitution become binding when it was signed at the constitutional convention?

When 9 States had ratified it. when did the constitution become binding?

Who was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention who went on to become president of the US?

James Madison and George Washington were both delegates to this convention.

At the Constitutional Convention which plan contained the idea of what would eventually become the supremacy clause?

At the Constitutional Convention, the New Jersey Plan contained the idea of what would eventually become the Supremacy Clause. It was also known as the Paterson Plan.

How did England become an absolute monarchy?

The United Kingdom - which includes England - is a Constitutional Monarchy.

When did England become a constitutional monarchy?

England became a constitutional monarchy in 1688 CE after the Glorious Revolution. The first monarchs to rule with a constitutional monarchy were William and Mary of Orange.

Once the delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed on the Constitution what was required for it to become official?

ratification by the states -apex

When did Virginia become a territory?

It did not have that status. It was a Colony of England and then a US State.

How do amendments become part of the constitution?

Amendments can be proposed by Congress or by a Constitutional Convention. Then it must be ratified by three-fourths of the states.

At the Constitutional Convention, which plan contained the idea of what would eventually become the supremacy clause?

New Jersey Plan

What did England become due to the glorious revolution?

A constitutional monarchy, run by Parliament, with religious persecuton oulawed.

By the end of 1600 what did England's system of government become?

By the end of the 1600's England became a constitutional monarchy.

What did England become when William and Mary took the throne?

Britain became the first parliamentary monarchy (or constitutional monarchy).

What men were present at the constitutional convention that would later become president?

Washington and Madison. Both Jefferson and John Adams were in Europe during the summer of 1787.

Why did anti-federalists believe the constitutional convention had gone toofar?

The constitutional convention was actually only supposed to fix the Articles of Confederation, the actual first government of the United states. The Articles of Confederation was weak. The new constitution was becoming strong. Anti-federalists were afraid that the goverment would become to controlling like Englands was at the time.

Who was the leader of the Constitutional Convention?

George Washington was the president of the Constitutional Convention. James Madison did the most to shape the drafting of the Constitution. After all of the delegates had figured out the three branches of government, Benjamin Franklin wanted George to become the first president of the young United States because he was the successful commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

When did Montana become a territory?

Montana become a territory in November 8th In 1889.

Can a state become a state before a territory?

when did Minnesota become a state and a territory

When did Nebraska become part of the territory of the US?

When did Nebraska become part of the territory of the US?

When did the Yukon territory become a province?

Yukon is still a territory; it has not yet become a province.

When did Sacramento become the capital of California?

Sacramento was named the capital of California in 1854 after the California State Legislature moved there. In 1879, in a Constitutional Convention, California was named the permanent state capitol.

When did the northwest territories become a territory?

it was a territory in 1870

When did Hawaii become a territory?

it became a territory in 1898