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Shops and insurance companies write auto body rates at $42/hr.

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Q: Average auto body hourly labor rate?
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What is average auto repair labor rate in Sacramento?

As of May, 2014 the average Mechanical Labor rate is $110 per hour. Body Labor is $85 per hour. Frame and Glass Labor is $98 per hour. These rates are averages based on my experience (I am in the industry). Insurance companies typically don't pay these rates, although they should.

How much do technicians usually get paid to work in an auto body shop?

It varies from region to region. Several job resources put the avrage hourly pay for an auto body technician around $15.71 an hour.

What is the annual salary for auto body technician?

The annual salary for an auto body technician is $40,000 a year on average. That is about $19.00 per hour.

Which auto paint and body shop would you recommend in Green Bay Wisconsin?

Green Bay Auto Body is one the best auto paint and body shop in Green Bay Wisconsin. I highly recommend this shop in the area because they are willing to gave customer a great price on there hourly work price.

How much does a autobody tech make?

The average annual salary for an auto body technician in the United States is $35,000. This can vary by location and company. The average annual salary for an auto body technician in Tennessee is $22,000.

What would be a good name for an auto body shop?

Auto Body PlaceReal Repair Auto Body Shop*your name's* Auto Body Plaza

Auto paint and body shop -- Investment and wages?

I'm thinking of starting my own business. How much of an investment would it take to open an auto paint and body shop? How much are the average pay rates for body repair techs?

What is the average pay for a auto body repair technician?" 60,000 per year

What is an auto body?

An auto body is the outer shell of an automobile, as distinct from the chassis.

Can auto body repair be done at a dealership or only at an auto body repair center?

Many dealerships will also provide auto body repair.

Where can one find auto body supplies?

Every country, state or town has its own local shops who can provide your required auto body parts in a very short time. So choose your shop online by searching "auto body shop near me" in google or yahoo. You will get the desired deal for sure.

how much do body shop mechanics make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for a body shop mechanic is between $13 and $23 per hour.

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