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The average walking pace in feet per second for humans is about 4 feet. Some may walk faster or slower, and may have a longer or shorter stride.

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Q: Average human walking pace in feet per second?
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How many feet per minute does an average teenager walk?

Average human walking speed is 3.1 miles per hour which is 4.55 feet per second. So multiplying by 60 seconds/minute, we get 273 feet. There are 5280 feet in one mile, so 273 feet is 273/5280 = 0.0517 miles.

What is some thing that has four feet then two feet and three feet?

it is how a human grows. It first startwith a baby, crawling. Then walking like a normal human, and then walking like old mans with a stick. ^^

How far could a person walk in one minute in miles or feet?

Average human walking speed is 3.1 miles per hour which is 4.55 feet per second. So multiplying by 60 seconds/minute, we get 273 feet. There are 5280 feet in one mile, so 273 feet is 273/5280 = 0.0517 miles.

Average woman's walking stride?

3 feet

How many feet per second do you have to be walking to be going 60 mph?

You would have to be traveling at 88 feet every second to achieve 60 mph.

What devices are used to keep a human feet safe when walking?

shoes we were shoes

What is the average human stride?

69 feet

What is the approx terminal velocity of a human in feet per second?

Terminal velocity of a human is 171.6 - 183.3 feet per second in random posture.

What is length of average human intestine?

20 feet

How long is the average human digestive system?

The average digestive system (in a full grown human) is about 36 feet long.

How many sqare feet of skin does the average human body have?

20 square feet

How strong is a human heart?

It can blast blood up to 30 feet in an average human. 60 feet in an athlete.

How long does it take to walk 548 feet?

The average speed of a human walking is 4 miles per hour. So, the human goes 21,120 feet in 60 minutes. So, the human goes 352 feet in 1 minute. Then, we divide 548 feet by 352 feet to get the time. 548 feet / 352 feet = 1.556818182 minutes. So, this walk will take 1 minute, 33 seconds, and 409 milliseconds.

Average height of a human in biblical times?

five feet

What is the average length of a persons step if they are walking?

2.5 feet for men, 2.2 ft for the ladies.

How many feet per second walking?

this is different for everyone. measure how far you walk in 100 seconds (1 minute 40 seconds) divide that distance by 100. (456ft= 4.56ft/s) (Average walking speed is 3.7 ft/s)

A track runner ran 315 feet in nine seconds what was his average speed in feet per second?

315 feet in 9 seconds = about 35 feet per second.

How tall are the dinosaurs from walking with the dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs from Walking With The Dinosaurs vary in height depending on the species of dinosaur trying to be portrayed. However, they typically average anywhere from 36 feet tall to 56 feet tall.

The average threshold for human hearing is the tick of a watch from feet in a very quiet condition?

60 feet

What is the average jumping distance of a human?

For an adult female, the average jump distance is 7 feet. For an adult male, it would be 8 feet.

How much taller is a polar bear than a human?

About three feet taller than an average human

What is the average speed of 384 feet in 4 minutes and 16 seconds?

1.5 feet per second.

A man leaves his house and begins walking in a straight line After 2 hours he is ten miles from home Calculate the man's average speed in terms of feet per second?

10 miles = 52800 feet in 7200 seconds = seven and one third fps.

How long would it take to walk 197 feet?

It depends on how fast you are walking. People tend to walk at a pace of about 3.1 mph (or 4.54667feet per second). If a person were walking at this speed, it would take them about 43 seconds to walk 197 feet.

How many feet per second do you fall when skydiving?

Well the average terminal velocity ofr an average sized jumper is 120mph. I fall at 120mph and fall 10,000 feet in 45/50 seconds so I guess about 213 feet per second.