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375/6 = 62.5 mph

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Q: Average speed going 375 miles in 6 hrs?
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What is the average speed if you drive 6 hours and travel 375 miles?

The average speed is 62.5 miles per hour(mph)

How many hours would it take to cover 375 miles?

It would depend on your mode of transport and average speed.

How many hours are there in 2250 miles if the speed is 375 miles per hour?

Six hours.

How many hours does it take to 375 miles?

It would depend on the speed at which you were traveling, but if you averaged 60 miles per hour, then 375 / 60 = 6.25 hours.

At an average speed of 60 mph how long wll it take you to drive 375 miles?

1 hour = 60 minutes60 miles / hour = 60 miles / 60 minutes = 1 mile / minute375 miles ---> 375 minutes = 6hours15minutes

375 miles is how many hours?

depends on how fast you're going...

How long will it take to drive 375 miles at 75 mph?

Dividing distance travelled by speed gives 375/75 = 5 hours.

How long does it take to drive 375 miles at 60 mph?

If you drive at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour for 6 hours and 15 minutes you will have traveled exactly 375 miles. So the answer is 6hours 15minutes

How many hours does it take to drive 375 miles at 65 miles per hour?

Just divide the distance by the speed. The answer, in this case, will be in hours.In general, an important formula for moving at constant speed (also, for average speed) is: distance = speed x time

How many miles is 375 km?

375 kilometers = about 233 miles.

How many meters is 375 miles?

375 miles = 603,504 metres

What is the average speed of 375 m in 10 minutes?

That would be traveling at 2.25 km/hr.

How much gas money is it going to be to go from Pensacola FL to Ocala FL?

It's 375 miles. If you average 25 mpg, that's 15 gallons. If gas is $3.50, that's $52.50.

How many kilometers are there in 375 miles?

There are 1.609344 kilometres in one mile. Therefore, 375 miles is equal to 375 x 1.609344 = 603.504 kilometres.

Driving distance between Avignon and Geneva?

The driving distance is approximately 233 road miles (375 km) - about 3.5 hours of driving time, depending on your average speed and traffic conditions.

Which is further .375 miles or .4 miles?

0.4 miles

How much is 375 meters in miles?

375 Meters = 0.233 mile

How many miles from calais-to-Brittany?

375 miles

How many miles is Croatia long?

About 375 miles.

A runner takes 4 minute to run 1500 meters. What is his average speed in meters minute?

375 meters/per minute

How many miles would you drive in 5 hours at 75 mph?

75 x 5 = 375, so 375 miles

How far is it from Fresno California to San Francisco?

875 miles 246 miles

How many miles per hours is 375 kilometers?

375 kph = 233.01 mph

If a plane traveled at a constant speed of 375 miles per hour for six hours how far did the plane travel?

Please use the formula: distance = speed x time

How many miles in five hundred kilometers?

375 ( 500 x 6 / 8 = 375 )