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B = 11 - a

Add 'a' to each side:

B + a = 11

Subtract 'B' from each side:

a = 11 - B

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Q: B equals 11-a a equals
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What is 9a plus 3b-11a-4b?

9a + 3b - 11a - 4b = -2a -b

How do you solve 11a plus 9 equals 4a plus 30?

11a+9 = 4a+30 11a-4a = 30-9 7a = 21 Solution: a = 3

What is the product of 11a equals 44?

A=4. Divide both sides by 11 and a=4

What is the answer to 11a plus 9 minus 3A equals -7?

11a-3a =8a so 8a+9=-7 8a = -16 a=-2

Why A into B not equals to B into A?

if A & B matrices then A into B not equals to B into A

If a equals b and b equals c then what does c plus b equals?

2a. (a, b and c are all equal.)

What is the factor of the expression 121A2 64B2?

(11a + 8b)(11a - 8b)

What is the factor of the expression 121A2-64B2?

(11a + 8b)(11a - 8b)

If a equals 3 and bequals minus 5 then a minus b equals?

If a equals 3 and b equals minus 5 then a minus b equals what

If a plus a equals b and b plus c equals a and a-c equals b what is c?

a= (+a) or a= (-) b= 2a b= 2a c= (-a) c= (+a)

What is b times 2 equals b plus 6 b equals?

b = 6

Who stated if a equals b and b equals c then a equals c?

by transitive property

Factor the expression given below 121a2-64b2?


A squared plus b squared equals 26 where a equals b find a and b?


What is the Property that states if a equals b then b equals a?


If a plus b equals c then c - b equals?


What is a and b if a plus b equals 25 and a times b equals 126?

The values of a and b are 7 and 18 or 18 and 7

CAN 0 plus equals B plus equals B?

Yes because if 1+0=1 than 0 plus b equals b

What is the value of a - b if a equals 10 and b equals 5?

a( 10 ) - b( 5 ) = 5 ?

A equals 3b - 4 a plus b equals 16 What is a and b?

a = 11 and b = 5.

What is A divided by B B equals 88 A equals 50?

A/b = 50/88 = 0.5681818181

A plus b equals 73. if A equals 12?


What does a plus b if a equals 4 and b equals 8?


If A equals B and B equals C does A equal C?


A varies jointly as b and c One set of values is a equals 2.4 b equals 0.6 and c equals 0.8 Find a when b equals 0.4 and c equals 0.4?

a = 0.8