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thousands of...

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Q: Before you take a drink of water people have probably drank it before you?
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How do you use metric units in a sentence?

I drank a litre of milk yesterday.

Proportional in a sentence?

the amount of punch she drank was proportional to the intake of food

Example of compound subject and compound predicate?

amy and brock ate and drank AFTER the fair

Why did Amanda Todd kill herself from bullying?

The reason why ''Amanda Todd committed suicide'' or ''killed herself'' is...That she was keep on getting bullied and bullied everyday! Also, she was cyber-bullied too a lot. It all started when Amanda Todd send-ed those naughty pictures of herself to a guy who faked you liked her. That guy started posting her naughty picture world wide on the Internet. Which some people at her school's found those pictures of her on the Internet, which made her sad and cry almost every night! Amanda Todd traded to a lot of schools but, it still came to her, following her. Amanda Todd tried to kill herself a few times before but, people were making fun of what she was doing of killing herself, from all of that bullying and cyber-bullying. People would make fun of her of how she drank bleach!

How do you use concentric in a sentence?

first answers: The concentration camp was liberated before the SS could destroy its records. The Jews in Europe were relocated to concentration camps, originally as forced laborers. another answer: The term "Concentration Camp" was first used by the Spanish in the 1890's referring to population relocation centers in Cuba that helped them defeat Cuban nationalist rebels by preventing their co-habitation with the Cuban population (now moved into these camps).

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The water you drank today has probably been drunk by other people before you?

thousands of

You drank beer before it carbonated?

You heard correctly, I drank beer before it carbonated. I am ashamed and embarrassed, and it will never happen again. I am sorry.

Would well water be considered kosher?

Certainly! What do you think people drank before modern plumbing?

Can you get your lip pierced if you drank the night before?

yes, you can :)

What people drank in the 1600's?

Before or after the black panthers...After Coke...and not the drink!

Who drank a glass of blood before they went to bed?


Has miley drank beer before?

I think it's yes but no.

What did the Chinese drink as a medicine?

they drank tea as medicine before exporting to europe

Why does stomach hurt after jogging?

it only hurts if you ate or drank something before

How often should a puppy?

This depends on how much water the puppy has drank. If s/he drank the whole bowl, s/he probably will pee a lot. If s/he drank a few licks, then s/he may not pee as much unless she drank more water before the few sips. This really is a question that varies from puppy to puppy. My advice would be to talk to your vet.

What was previously used before the discovery of pasteurization?

I know that people just dealt with it and drank the milk right away au revoir idk hhahahhaha

Do energy drinks eventually make you more tired than before you drank them?

yes energy drinks do make you tireder than before