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piece of metal because most pieces have smooth surfaces so the light bounces off perfectly. but wood has a rough surface and wood also absorbs most of the light so it wouldn't reflect off.

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Q: Better reflector a piece of metal or a piece of wood?
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What would make a better reflector a piece of metal or a piece of wood?


What is a abrofile?

a piece of metal that cuts wood

Why does a metal spoon feel cooler than a piece of wood at 20C?

Because metal has better thermal conductivity than wood. Thermal conductivity depends of the atomic and molecular structure of the stuff. The air is a poor thermal conductor, but water is better.

Is wood or metal a better material to build a barn out of?

honistly it depends on if you like the look of metal vs. wood, wood looks better but metal will hold better. metal cant rot, lean, shrink, wrap or swell wood can do all of these.

Which is heavier a piece of metal or a piece of wood?

It will depend on the size of the two pieces. A log is going to be heavier than a penny. Metal is denser than wood.

Is wood furniture better than metal?

yes wood furniture is better than metal. metal will show wear they rust and dent. the wood furniture last longer

Are substances like wood and plastic better heats conductors like metal?

We find that metal is a better conductor of heat than plastic or wood.

is a metal or wood office desk better?

This is really a matter of preferance whether a metal desk or a wood office desk is better. Metal might dent a little more eaisly than wood dseks, but it is a personal prefernace.

What is the definition of girder?

girder isa a large strong piece of metal or wood.

Why is metal a better source to make a bell rather than wood?

Because Metal goes *DING* and wood goes *THUNK*

Why do you use wood for piano cover?

Wood resonates much better than plastic or metal.

What is A narrow piece of wood or metal used to join pieces called?

It's called a dowel.