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There are an infinite number of points on the circumference of a circle and an infinite number of points on a semi-circle so the answer to your question is "An infinite number of pairs of points."

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Q: Between how many pairs of points can you measure a circle's diameter?
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How do you find the diameter of a circle when you have two endpoints?

Measure the distance between the two end points!

How many circles can be made from three non collinear points?

I guess 3 . Take these 3 points 2 at a time . These two points would be the diameter of the circle .

What is a Chords in circles?

They are straight lines within a circle that meets the cicumference at 2 points and the circle's diameter is its largest chord

How do you get diameter of a wheel?

Measure the perimeter of the wheel using a tape measure. Then use the formula to find out the diameter D = perimeter/3.14 ========================================== You could certainly do it that way. But it would be much more direct to just measure all the way across the wheel, between the two points on the edge of the wheel that are furthest apart. That would be the diameter.

What imaginary line circles earth halfway between those points?

the equator

Are Arctic and Antarctic circles poles?

No. The circles are circles. The poles are points. If the circles were points, then they might be called the Arctic and Antarctic Poles, but they wouldn't be called the Arctic and Antarctic Circles since they would be only points.

What is it use for calipers?

Calipers are for measuring diameter of rounded objects. For instance you measure a ball, then carefully not changing the measurement pull the caliper off the ball and measure the gap between it's points with a ruler.

What is the size of Jupiter in diameter in kilometers?

Like most celestial bodies, Jupiter, the Solar System's largest planet, is an ellipsoid rather than a perfect sphere. This means that its diameter is different depending on where you measure it. The distance between Jupiter's farthest points and thus its longest diameter is at its equator. That is about 142,984 kilometers. That is the diameter that is normally used by astronomers. The Jupiter's shortest diameter is the distance between the planet's poles, which are its closest points. It is approximately 133,708 kilometers.

What is a measure of a straight-line distance between two points called?

the measure of a straight-line distance between two points is called length.

All points on the surface of earth that have latitude circles that are not zero are known as what circles?

Small circles

What three things do closed circles represent on a topographical map?

The circles themselves represent elevation, the disatnce between the circles(elevation points) show distances between elevations, therefore showing you rate of elevation increase/decrease, also.

How do you measure electrical circuit resistance?

You connect a known voltage across the two points in the circuit, and measure the current that flows between the points. The ratio (voltage) / (current) is the resistance between those points.

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