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Q: Birds sitting on a single powerline don't get shocked but if they were to place 1 foot on each of two lines blank word flow between them and they would receive a terrible shock?
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Why don't birds get shocked on high voltage wires?

Birds can sit on powerlines without being shocked because, in order to be shocked, your body needs to be touching both the powerline and the ground at the same time, so that there is a path for current to flow.If birds sit on a powerline, they aren't touching the ground. This means that they will not be shocked.Another explanationTo be electrocuted you not only need a point at which the electricity enters your body but also a point at which the electricity exits your body. Because the birds are only touching one wire there is no place for the electricity to exit, and this prevents them from getting electrocuted.

Why could a kite caught in a powerline is dangerous to try to retrieve?

If you touch the kite while you are in contact with the ground or anything touching the ground, like a ladder, electricity will travel from the power lines down the kite and into you, and you will be shocked.

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Why crow are not affected by electric shock?

In order for something to be shocked it must have a path to ground. If the bird is setting on a power line it is not grounded so therefore it does not get shocked. If the crow were to spread its wings to fly and get between two phases then it would be shocked because it would basically become a buss bar between two of the three phases.

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Shock widened her eyes and made her sit down hard. The shock of seeing her father again almost overwhelmed the girl. If you touch an exposed wire, you could receive a severe electrical shock. He left the accident scene in a state of shock.

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