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An hour has 60 minutes. To convert from hours to minutes, please multiply by 60.

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Q: Brenda spent 0.6 hour practicing the drums How many minutes did she practice?
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How can you get better at the drums?

Practice, practice, practice.

How do you play nirvana about a girl on drums?


Are legion drums good drums?

Legion drums are known to be decent for those who are just starting out. A person should consider a different drum set once they have had enough practice on the Legion drums.

How can I improve my skills on playing the drums?

practice makes perfect!

Is playing the drums hard?

That depends on how much you practice and the song

When do people play drums?

because they maybe want to practice

Where can one find information about virtual drums?

You can find information about virtual drums online at the Virtual Drumming website. Once on the page, you can learn about drums and practice them online.

How do you play a slipknot song on drums?

Practice, then get the neccassary equipment, and learn the song and skills, then do it.

Why do they practice so much on africn drums?

It's not practice. It's how they communicate over long distances without our technology. Like Indians did with smoke signals.

What is the best way to learn how to play the drums?

The best way is to find someone to teach you and then to practice what you have learned.

What is the purpose of a drum shield?

A drum shield is useful when someone is practicing playing drums and does not want the full reverberation. It reduces the noise but does not change the tone or note at all.

Is it easy to play the drums?

For some people it will be easy when you start, for most others not. But for all people it will require practice, so you will need to put a lot of time into perfecting your skills of playing the drums.