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Q: Calculate the total cost of items that cost 25.67 with a 6 percent city sales tax and a 1.65 percent county sales tax?
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Calculate the total cost of a pair of shoes at 59.99 with a county sales tax of 1.75 percent a city sales tax of 1.50 percent and a state sales tax of 4.75 percent?

64.79 (A+)

What is Hall county's sales tax rate?

Hall County's combined sales tax rate is 7 percent. This is comprised of 3 percent Hall County local sales tax and 4 percent Georgia state sales tax.

What is the auto sales tax rate in lake county Illinois?

The auto sales tax rate in Lake County, Illinois is 6.25 percent. Their special sales tax is .75 percent which comes to 7 percent total sales tax.

What is the sales tax rate for Madison county ar?

The sales tax in Madison County, Arkansas is 8.500 percent, but 6.500 percent of this tax goes to the state of Arkansas. The county has an estimated population of 15,717.

Calculate the total cost of items that cost 25.67 before tax with a 7.65 percent sales tax?

25.67 times 1.0765 is equal to your answer, about 27.63

Cook county sales tax rate?

one percent

Sales tax rate for clark county Ohio?

As of April 2014, the total state and local sales tax rate for Clark County, Ohio is 7.25 percent. The county tax rate is 1.50 percent.

What is the sales tax of 400000 if the sales tax is 1.5 percent?

You have to calculate 400,000 x 1.5 / 100. (Percent means hundredths; the idea is to calculate 1.5 hundredths of the amount.)

What is the total for items costing 149.99 with a sales tax of 5.75 percent?

find the total for items costing $149.99 with sales tax of 5.75%

How do you calculate 1.5 percent sales tax?

Multiply the price by 0.015

How do you calculate EBITDA percent Margin?

EBITDA Margin = EBITDA/Sales

What is the sales tax on a new car in pinellas county Florida?

Seven percent.

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