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I hope so, or I just killed an innocent man.

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Q: Can 0 positive donate to 0 positive?
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If you are brh positive can you donate?

yes you can donate to AB Rh positive

Can a negative donate blood to A positive?

No, an O Positive person cannot donate to an A Negative person because the person who is Negative, or Rh Negative, will react to the Positive (Rh Positive) blood. Negative can only get Negative, Positive can get Positive or Negative.

Can a person with o positive blood donate a kidney to a peron with a positive blood?


Can donor blood 0 plus be successfully donate to recepients b negative?

No although type O can donate to anyone the positive (plus) can not be put into a blood with negative. This would cause blood clumping and would be very bad.

Does sodium donate or accept an electron?

Sodium donates an electron to achieve a stable electron configuration. It loses one electron to form a positively charged ion.

Are there exceptions for the donation of blood group O to blood group AB?

Yes, you can't donate 0 positive blood to AB negative. The rest is possible :) RV

What blood type can o positive donate to?

O positive has no A antigens or B antigens and so can donate to people with A type, B type and AB type. However they as it is positive it does have the rhaesis antigen and so can only dontate to other positive type people. (A+, B+ and AB+)

Can Type O positive donate kidney to Type O Negative?


Can O positive donate blood to A positive?

no coz u will kill dem u fkn ret@rd!

Can A positive blood donate to O positive?

no coz u will kill dem u fkn ret@rd!

Can O positive donate to A positive blood?

no coz u will kill dem u fkn ret@rd!

Can blood type 0 donate to anyone?

If you have type o negative then you are the universal donor and could donate to any other blood type. If you have o positive then you would be limited in what blood types you could donate to.