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No. Triangle numbers are a fixed set of numbers that can't be altered to make one certain number turn into a triangle number.

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Q: Can 100 be a triangle number?
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Related questions

Is the number 100 a prime square triangle or a pentagonal?

100 is a square.

What is the triangle number of 13?

13 is not a triangle number. The 13th triangle number is 91.

If one angle of a triangle is 100 degrees what type of triangle is it?

Obtuse triangle

How many odd numbers are in the 100th row of Pascals triangle?

The number of odd numbers in the Nth row of Pascal's triangle is equal to 2^n, where n is the number of 1's in the binary form of the N. In this case, 100 in binary is 1100100, so there are 8 odd numbers in the 100th row of Pascal's triangle.

Is it possible for a triangle to have the angles with the measures of 3445 and 100 why or why not?

Assuming that you mean 34, 45, and 100, no. The angles of a triangle need to add up to 180. You could have a triangle with angles of 35, 45, and 100.

Triangle number of 28?

28 is a triangle number. The 28th triangle number is 406.

What type of triangle has an angle that measure 100 degrees?

An obtuse triangle

Could this number be a side lengths of a triangle the number are 6 8 10?

Yes, and it would have to be a right angled triangle as the sides are in ratio 3:4:5 6^2 + 8^2 = 36 + 64 = 100 = 10^2 . Good old Pythagoras!

What is the scale factor used to dilate from small to big triangle?

You need numbers from the sides of the triangles. Take numbers from the corresponding (matching) sides, one number from the small triangle, and one number from the big triangle. Then divide the big number by the small number. The answer is the scale factor. Put another way, the scale factor is the number that multiplies the small triangle to create the large triangle.

What is the fifth triangle number?

The fifth triangle number, known as T5 is 15.

What is the 100 side length of the square area?

In the square are the 100 side is: Either the length if it is the larger side or 100>X X would represent a smaller number than 100. Or the width if it is the smaller side 100<X X in this case would represent the larger number. 100 can be the length and width if every side is 100. 100 could also be called the base if it is the bottom line in like a triangle. 100 could also be called the height if it is the distance between the top and bottom of a polygon like a triangle. And finally the number 100 could be the actual area of the polygon for a square 100 would require the lw to be 10 on each side.

Is the area of one triangle a rational number or an irrational number Explain.?

The area of a triangle can be a rational number or an irrational number depending on its dimensions.

A triangle that measures 100 40 40?

Good luck trying to draw this one ! Any two sides of a triangle are greater that the third; 40+40<100, so no triangle.

How do you make triangle in mswlogo?

First, do these commands : FD 100 RT 120 FD 100 RT 120 FD 100 Next, the the turtle is still present, so type HT in the box. And then you're done by getting a right sided equilateral triangle.

Cheats for crash bandicoot?

100%Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, X, X, X

What is the number of obtuse angles in a right triangle?

the number of obtuse angle in a right triangle is zer0

What is the fewer number of right angles a triangle have?

The fewest number of right angles in a triangle is zero.

What triangle has 2 side the same length and an interior angle measuring 100 degrees?

That would be an isosceles triangle. Any triangle with two equal sides is isosceles. It also has two equal internal angles. The 100° angle can't be one of them because the internal angles of any triangle all add up to 180°. Your triangle has one internal angle of 100° and two internal angles of 40° each.

Why is 10 called a triangular number?

A triangular number or triangle number counts the objects that can form an equilateral triangle. 10 objects can be formed into an equilateral triangle.

What is the area of a triangle if base is 100 ft and height is 100 ft?


What is the Number of sides on an isosceles triangle?

A triangle has 3 sides.

How do you find the 100th triangle number?

The nth triangulat number is n*(n+1)/2 The 100th is 100*101/2 = 5050

How can you determine whether a triangle is a right triangle if you only have the lengths of its three sides?

The pathagoren theorm states that a2+ b2 = c2. If you put your lenghts into the equation and it comes out true (100=100), then the triangle is a right trianlge. If it is a false equation (100=30), then it is not a right triangle. Where a = lenght of leg 1, b = lenght of leg 2, and c = lenght of hypotenuse.

What number does a triangle equal in math?

a triangle does not equal just a number. a triangle is an object that has three edges all connected at there tips. the triangle's inside angles all add up to 180 degrees. a triangle can be acute, obtuse, or right.

What type of triangle has an angle that measures 100 degrees and an angle that measures 60 degrees?

Obtuse triangle