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No this is a very bad idea.

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Yes, not common practice though.

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Q: Can 120v and 277v be in the same conduit?
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Can you run a 277V light on 120V?


How can you run a 277v motor on a 120v line?

Get a step up transformer that converts 120 V to 277 V. Size according to the load.

Will a 250 volt cord work for 240 volt appliance?

wire in the us is available in 300v or 600v ratings so 300 volt is good for 120v 240v or 277V 277V is usually only used in lighting

Is there a way to install a 120V light on a 277V circuit?

no ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stepdown transformer. More expensive than buying the correct light fixture. Y-THINK-Y

Is it legal to support a conduit from another conduit of the same size?

No, the conduit has to be supported individually from a supportive structure. The spacing of the strapping is related to the size of the conduit.

Can you use existing PVC conduit run from basement to 8th floor for 120v circuits for chillers?

The simple answer to your question is yes. But there are limits to how many wires can be in any conduit, and the current carrying capacity of the conductors can be affected by distance, ambient temperature, and how many conductors are contained in the same conduit. Other things to consider are, Can you physically fit the wires in there? Would it be easier to run a new conduit? Do you have the manpower necessary to get the work done?

What is low voltage transmission?

In the supply industry it refers to circuits of below 1000 volts. Common voltages used are 120v, 208v, 230v, 240v, 277v, 400v, 415v, 480v.

Can you run 110 and 220 volt circuits in the same conduit?

Yes, 120 and 240 volts can be run in the same conduit.

What Voltage used in Commercial Buildings?

It depends a lot on what part of the world you live in. In the US, 480/277V and 208/120V, 60 Hz, three-phase power is two common systems we see.

Are 277V lights wired the same as 120V?

The connection diagram is the same, one hot-leg and one neutral. But if you do not have 277 volts as your source voltage, connecting a 277 volt light (usually a ballast) to 120 volt will not work. Conversely, if you hook up a 120 volt light or appliance to 277 volts, it will quickly become toast.

Can a three phase circuit be installed in the same conduit or in different conduits?

The conductors of any three phase circuit must be run in the same conduit. If the circuit requires a neutral, it must also run with the conductors in the same conduit. (If they were to be run in more than one conduit or raceway, the circuit would not operate properly.)

Can you put two wires in one conduit and two wires in another conduit of the same circuit?


Are 120V and 208V the same?

no 208v is bigger

What is use of step up transformer?

A step-up transformer increases (or "steps up") the voltage of an alternating electrical current. For example, a step-up transformer could be used to increase 120V AC to 277V AC to provide power to 277V electrical equipment in a building that does not already have a 277V electrical system.Other examples where a step-up transformer might be used include these:Using 240V AC equipment with a 120V AC mains supply.Generating high voltage for use with tubes, such as a CRT.Generating high voltage for use in electric energy distribution.

What is the difference between power limited and power non-limited electrical circuits?

In wiring or cabling, high voltage lines and low voltage lines should be separately installed. High voltage lines which carry AC 120V/208V/277V/480V should be installed in one conduit, and low voltage lines which carry DC 12V/24V/48V and non-current carrying lines should be installed in another separated conduit. It is one of the strict requirement of NEC. When AC 120V wires and DC 12V wires are laid inside of one rack, they should have spaces more than 6 inches between them. - dona

Can you mix line and load in same conduit?


Can you run different phases in the same conduit?

In the US, the National Electrical Code (NEC) will allow you to install single phase and three phase systems in the same conduit.

What is the multiplier for 45 degree offset in conduit bending?

Back set for all conduit sizes is not the same. The greater the diameter of the conduit the length of back set increases. Without the diameter size of the conduit, an answer can not be given.

Can multiple feeders be in same conduit?

Yes they can. If the feeders are of different sizes, then a conduit fill calculation must be made to ascertain that the conduit does not become overfilled. Cross sectional areas of the conductors are found and it is then determined what the conduit cross sectional fill will allow.

Can electric conduit and water pipe be in the same trench?


How is 480V converted to 277V?

3 phase 480V is three phases of 277V in other words if you have a 480V three phase panel each single breaker is a 277V feed if this doesn't answer your question ask it in a little more detail

Can you have only one current carrying conductor in a conduit?

You can have only one current carrying conductor in a conduit, but that conduit must have a slot to relieve the eddy currents that will be created by the transformer effect created by the conductor. It is better to run the neutral or opposite conductor along with the hot conductor together in the same conduit, or through the same penetration, so as to minimize this effect.

Can you lower 277v to 240v?

With a transformer.

Can you run parallel 4 ought aluminum conductors in the same 4 inch conduit?

Yes. Actually they should be run in the same conduit. You don't ever want to run parallel separately.

What is 270 volts?

I believe you mean 277v, but 270 would be considered the same thing. 277v is the voltage to ground of one phase of a 3 phase 480v system. If you are not an electrician, don't worry that 3 x 277 is more than 480. Just trust me. In commercial and industrial installations, 277v is commonly used for lighting and 480v is used for machinery.