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A square, rectangle and rhombus are all parallelograms.

A parallelogram is any shape with two sets of parallel sides. The opposite sides have to be equal in length.

A square, rectangle and a rhombus all have two sets of parallel sides. Also, both pairs of oposite sides are equal length.

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Q: Can 3 different shapes be parallelogram and why?
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Is s trapezoid a parallelogram?

A trapezoid is different to parallelogram! Because trapezoid has one pair of parallel line and parallelogram has two pairs! PS. it obvious that these shapes is different you fool!

What 7 shapes can be used to form a parallelogram?

There is no defining characteristic for the set. Provided they meet certain conditions, there is an infinite number of possibilities. Put the arrow of time in reverse: Take a parallelogram. Cut it up into 7 shapes. What set of shapes do you end up with? Obviously these 7 shapes can be combined to form a parallelogram. Now try different cuts. Then different parallelograms.

What are rhombus parallelogram and a rectangle are all names for?

A rhombus, a parallelogram, and a rectangle, are different examples of quadrilaterals, that is, four-sided shapes.

what 3 shapes can be assembled to make a trapezoid?

a parallelogram,a right triangle and a triangle

Does a parallelogram bisect?

Usually, a parallelogram with not bisect other shapes.

How is a parallelogram different a rectangle?

These shapes are different in some ways:A parallelogram contains two pairs of congruent angles such that they are not adjacent to each other. A rectangle contains all four right angles.The diagonals of both shapes are formed differently from another.A parallelogram has a pair of congruent parallel slanted sides while a rectangle doesn't.

What shapes have a reflex angle?


What is a parallelogram that has the same shape but not the same size?

a parallelogram that has the same shape but not the same size called "similar". This means the angles are equal in both shapes but the sides are different.

Can a parallelogram be an hexagon?

No, a parallelogram cannot be a hexagon. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with opposite sides that are parallel and equal in length, while a hexagon is a polygon with six sides. These are two different shapes with different numbers of sides.

What are five different name of shapes the have at least one pair of parallel?

square rectangle rhombus parallelogram trapezoid

Can you show me four different four sided shapes?

Square Rectangle Parallelogram Trapezoid Rhombus Diamond Kite

Is a parallelogram 2 dimensional?

Yes. Parallelograms are flat shapes (polygons). 3-dimensional forms are polyhedrons.