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No, it can be sorted either in ascending or descending order.

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Q: Can Data can only be sorted in ascending order.?
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Can Data can only be sorted in ascending order?

Data can be sorted in ascending or descending order on a spreadsheet.

Can Data only be sorted in ascending order?

No, it can be sorted either in ascending or descending order.

Can only be sorted in ascending order?

There is nothing that can only be sorted in ascending order - unless the sorting is being done as the data are being generated.

You can sort numeric fields in ascending order only?

No. They can be sorted either ways. Ascending or Descending.

Data can only be stored in ascending order?

Data can be stored in ascending order, descending order or no particular order.

Can data be sorted only by a single column?

Data can be sorted by a single column or by a combination of columns. You can use a Custom Sort to decide what way you want the data sorted. That can be by one or more columns.

Is it true that data can only be sorted by a single column (In Excel)?

No. You can sort data by a combination of columns.

What are the differences between sorting and filtering data?

the sort feature allows the user to rearrange the given data in a specified order example ,numeric data can be rearranged in ascending or descending order using this. a filtered range only displays the rows/colums that meet the criteria specified by the user.

Can you sort files in ascending and descending orders?

no only data can be sort from the excel sheet.. not in the file

What is scalar data structures?

A scalar variable can hold only one piece of data at a time. So in C, C++ and Java scalar data types include int, char, float and double, along with others. Scalar variables of the same type can be arranged into ascending or descending order based on the value. Prasangax

Items that are not suitable for a binary search?

The only items suitable for a binary search are those which are in a sorted order.

How can you filter a report to include only transactions in a given wee?

It depends on what kind of program the data has been stored on. If on a spreadsheet, you would use a separate column for dates, and sort on this column. (Remembering to include the whole of the data, or only the date column would be sorted, leaving the rest of the data out of position.)

Why linear search is called sequential search?

A linear search is called a sequential search because a sequential search takes linear time and therefore has a worst-case time-complexity of O(n) for a data sequence of n elements. Although there are more efficient search algorithms than linear search, not all data containers are ideally suited to them. For example, although a binary search can be performed in quadratic time (O(log n)) when the data container is in sorted order, we can only achieve maximum efficiency when the data container also supports constant-time random-access. Arrays and vectors do support constant-time random-access, but if the container is not sorted then we must resort to the less-efficient linear search. Linked lists do not support constant-time random-access thus a linear search would be more efficient even if the list were in sorted order.

What is a binary search?

A binary search can only be performed upon data that is in sorted order. We begin by selecting the middle element of the set. If that element holds the value we are looking for then we are done. If not, we know which half contains the value (because the set is in sorted order), so we can eliminate the other half the data. We repeat the process with the remaining half. Eventually we will either find the value in the middle of the remaining half, or the remaining half of the set will be empty in which case the value does not exist. Binary search has an average complexity of O(log n) for a set of n elements. If we have to perform a lot of searches upon a set of data, it is worthwhile sorting that data to take advantage of binary search. The only alternative is to perform a linear search upon the unsorted data which has an average complexity of O(n/2). Binary search is typically performed upon a sorted array because it allows constant-time random-access with no memory overhead (data is stored compactly with no additional memory required to maintain the structure) and always produces a balanced binary tree.

In a selection sort when changing from ascending to descending order only---------- modifications need to be made to the algorithm?

Change every "<" to ">" and ">" to "<" .

Do Second-order neurons of ascending sensory pathways always decussate.?

No! Only neurons of the specific (lemniscal) & non-specific (anterolateral) pathways decussate and sensation is therfore interpreted in the opposite cerebral hemisphere.Spinocerebellar ascending pathways transmit proprioceptive sensory stimuli to the same side of the cerebellum.

Why database is important in management information system?

The data need only inputting into a database once, but the data can be sorted in several ways, many times over. If the database is on a server, other users around the company (if allowed on the network) can use the database too.

How do you change order of contacts on contacts list in cell phone?

The order of contacts is sorted by the first letter used when the user entered the name(s). The order can only be changed by editing your contact list, one entry at a time.

Can data be only sorted by a single column?

No, it is possible to sort on more than one column, which is used for sorting things within groups, like firstnames with surnames, or sales within months.

Can data only be sorted by a single column?

No, it is possible to sort on more than one column, which is used for sorting things within groups, like firstnames with surnames, or sales within months.

Data that consist of observations that can only be classified and counted by category and have no inherent order?

It is qualitative data.

Where can you find a hotel in San Francisco by the airport?

I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Hayward, which is located only 15 min. from the San Francisco airport. The rooms are spacous and clean and the staff was very friendly. I would recommend this hotel to anyone traveling in the bay area.There are several hotels within a couple of miles of SFO International in Burlingame, San Bruno and Millbrae. I've added a link to a comprehensive list sorted by distance in ascending order.

Can someone help with a Math riddle?

yes i can.--------------------My Boss it trying to stump me and so far succeded.Here it is:There are five digits.They are all different.Only one digit is not prime, and is not an integer power of an integer other than the trivial solution of an exponent of one.The digits are sorted, but not in ascending or descending order.* * * * *The digits are 2,3,5,6 and 7 which can form 120 different numbers. The fact that they are not in ascending or descending order reduces that by 2, but that still leaves 118.And that is excluding the possibility that the non-prime is zero.

Which action do you perform on a data source in order to merge only certain records?

In order to merge certain records on a data source you need to perform a specific action, called mail merging, which is linking content and data files.

Advantages and disadvantages of bubble sort?

This algorithm has several advantages. It is simple to write, easy to understand and it only takes a few lines of code. The data is sorted in place so there is little memory overhead and, once sorted, the data is in memory, ready for processing. The major disadvantage is the amount of time it takes to sort. The average time increases almost exponentially as the number of table elements increase. Ten times the number of items takes almost one hundred times as long to sort.