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No, you cannot rename your Pran, the name you give her when you obtain her at the station is permanent

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Q: Can You Rename Your Pran And Aika Global?
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What level does your pran in aika turns to a teen?

Your Pran will grow into a teen when she reaches level 20

How do you feed your Pran in the game Aika Online?

When the Hunger reaches a certain number, Daughter (your pran) will start showing different actions to notify you. When Daughter can't stand the hunger any longer, it will return to the Daughter's nurture centre. Signs that your pran is hungry and you need to feed it are: - HP and MP no longer regen - Skills would be unusable - Returning to nurture centre *Right click the item that u wish to feed your Pran, but make sure its in your inventory.

How tall is Mire Aika?

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What is the duration of Aika tappaa?

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What nicknames does Mire Aika go by?

Mire Aika goes by Tamo.

What is aika online?

Aika online is free 3D online game.

What is Aika Mitsui's birthday?

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When was Aika Mitsui born?

Aika Mitsui was born on January 12, 1993.

When was Aika tappaa created?

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Mire Aika's birth name is Yuko Morita.

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