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Yes. Just make sure you keep the junction box accessable to meet code. Also if you are extending the outlet to more than 75 feet away from the panel you should run 4-3 wire.

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Q: Can a 240V electric range outlet be extended by adding a junction box with 6-3 wire?
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Can a 240V electric range outlet be extended by adding a junction box with 6 3 wire?

Yes, as long as that junction box is accessible after you finish the remodel. It cannot be inside a wall or anyplace that it cannot be gotten to. Make sure it has a cover on it.

How do you convert a 220 volt box to a 110volt box for a stove?

I assume you are going from electric to gas. You can derate the outlet or run a new one. You should seriously consider simply adding a new outlet behind the stove so you can easily go back to electric.

What is 240 volt outlet?

An electrical outlet that has 240 volts available for like an electric dryer or electric cooking range.

What is a peltier heat sink?

A Peltier junction is the same as a thermocouple junction, except instead of using heat to generate electric current an electric current is forced through it to move heat. Thus in a heatsink unit one junction (on the hot IC) gets cold removing heat and the other junction (on the heatsink fins) gets very hot. Thus it acts like a electric refrigeration system for the IC.It has no moving parts (except maybe a fan) like the compressor and coolant in mechanical refrigerators. It is even reversible to make a heater by just reversing the electric current. Portable electric food cooler/heater units are available, these typically plug into a car cigarette lighter outlet.

Will an electric dryer shock if it is plugged into an electric stove outlet?

You bet it will.

What is an electric plug?

An electric cord with prungs at the end to pug into an electrical outlet

How does the energy transform from outlet to the hair dryer?

with electric

Where do charge the batteries for Electric Bicycles?

From a wall outlet.

What is a 110-127 vac outlet?

That is the normal electric outlet found on the walls of your home in the USA

Where is the Woodbury common outlet?

central valley, New York State on Interstate 87 on Harriman junction

What is the input energy of an electric drill?

Some use AC electric power from a wall outlet. Some use DC electric power from a rechargeable battery (but this was originally charged using AC electric power from a wall outlet).

How can mechanical make an electric charge?

Plug a plug in an outlet :)

When adding a ceiling outlet for a new paddle fan in the bedroom does the code required this circuit addition to be AFCI protected?

If you are planning on adding a ceiling outlet in the bedroom for a ceiling fan, code requires a combination type AFCI.

Why did John Howard invent the electric outlet?

for money. why else? more people then bought certain stuff that worked with the outlet.

Can you tap into a 40 amp electric range outlet for a 15 or 20 amp wall outlet?

no. the breaker is hazard

Does an electric lift chair use a standard electrical outlet or does it need 220 power?

Although both options exist, it would seem that the vast majority of electric chair lifts require a standard outlet. The outlet, however, must be grounded (three prongs).

Can a ceiling fan be installed without an outlet box?

No, a home ceiling fan as with all permanent devices joined into the electrical system, the splice must be made in a junction box. The exemptions are electric baseboard heaters and appliances that are hard wired directly to the unit.

How do you get rid of an electrical outlet?

Just make it a junction box. Remove the outlet, tie the blacks together under a wire nut. The the whites together under a wire nut. Tie the ground wires together under a wire nut. Push all the wires back into the outlet box and cover it with a blank cover. Paint the cover the same color as the wall. Do not sheet-rock over the outlet box. All junction boxes must be accessible.

Why is it dangerous to stick a metal knife into an electric outlet?

Metal is a conductor and the electricity will easily flow through it.

Why do two separate breakers control the same outlets?

The first breaker's ground is bad, the second one is supplying the ground for the outlet to have power, thus one is finding the ground somehow to the outlet to have power. both breakers have to be on for the outlet to work. NOT A GOOD thing, suggest a weekend warrior, installed the electric, I would have a qualified electrician trace each outlet in the house and replace ALL outlets and switches. Inspect all junction boxes and check connections. I don't want to read about your house burning down in the paper..

What is the difference between manual sewing machine and an electric sewing machine?

A manual machine is powered by hand, an electric one used electric power (plugged in to an electric outlet)

What type of outlet is needed to plug in an electric scooter?

The majority would plug into a standard outlet (120), however others may require a 240 outlet. You will need to check with the individual scooter to ensure you have the proper outlet to charge it.

How far from th corner of a wall does an electric outlet have to be?

There is no standard. Any distance will do.

Does a PS3 use electrical energy?

A PS3 must be plugged in to an electric outlet

What might cause low voltage at one outlet on a multioutlet circuit?

I traced the wire from the fan to the junction box and the connection was loose.