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Yes, a 60000cm³ container can hold 50 liters of water. 1 liter is equal to 1000cm³, so 50 liters would be 50,000cm³. Since 50,000cm³ is less than 60,000cm³, the container can hold 50 liters of water.

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Mathematically, no.

The cm to L conversion is simply divide by 10000 so 60000cm³ = 60L

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Q: Can a 60000cm cubed container hold 50 liters of water?
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How many liters of water will it take to fill a container 70 cm cubed?

343 litres.

Container A can hold 5 liters of water while container B can hold 3 liters of water. How can you measure 1 liter of water?

Here's how to proceed:Fill container B with 3 liters.Pour the 3 liters from container B into container A.Fill container B again with 3 liters.Carefully pour from container B into container A, until container A is full.Container A already had 3 liters, so it only takes 2 more liters to fill it to 5 liters, leaving 1 liter remaining in container B.

1000 cm cubed of water fills a how many liter container?


How many liters of water can be fill in a 20 cubic feet container?

566.337 liters.

How many cubic foot is a container that contains 1500 liters of water?

Assuming the container is full at 1500 liters, the container's volume in cubic feet will be about 53 cubic feet (52.9720005, more precisely).

How many liters in 1 m cubed?

There are 1,000 liters of water that can fit in 1 cubic meter. For water, 1 milliliter is equivalent to 1 cubic centimeter.

How much water would be required to fill a pool 8 meters long x 5 meters wide and 1m in depth?

40000 liters calculation: 8m x 5m x 1m = 40 meters cubed 1 meter cubed = 1000 liters of water so 40 cubic meters = 40000 liters of water

How do you make a 50 percent solution?

You take y liters of the solution and put it into a bucket or container. You then put y (same amount as before) liters of water in the same container, and voila! You now have a container with 50 percentile solution, 50 percentile water.

One thousand cm cubed of water fills a what liter container and has a mass of what kilograms?


A container holds 3.20 kg of water what is the volume of the container in liters?

1 liter of water weight about 1 kilo. (The exact weight depends on the pressure and temperature). Therefore the container above holds 3.2 liters.

Jaxon’s fish tank will hold 50 liters of water. He uses a container that holds 4 liters to fill the tank. He fills the container 9 times and pours the water into the fish tank. How much more water can fit in the fish tank?


How many liters of water can a 1800 cm-cubed pan hold?

Answer: 1.8 liters If you divide 1800 by 1000 you will get the answer 1.8. Because 1 milliter is 1/1000. So then you would divide the one liter by one milliter. Liter is greater than milliter. Hope This helped.